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    Marked no for Visa refusal on TRV..What to do for PR?

    Seen this happen before, the only way around it is what canbnd said to do.
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    Health insurance

    Blue Cross Is Excellent, my family has used them for years. Did a little looking around and found this article that might be helpful to you
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    Best way to exchange money from USA to Canada

    I personally use the bank your money is in. I watched the interested rates over 2 years and pick my days to transfer large amounts. I am assuming by the title you are just talking about exchanging money.
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    Self Employed Inquiry - best place to live in Canada and why?

    Depends on lifestyle you want to have if you like the big city's and fast pace then Look at Toronto or Edmonton Vancouver. If you want slower pace look at the Maritimes, new brusnwick, nova scotia, pei. Do your research and you will be fine, Canada is awesome no matter where you are at.
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    Hello, for driving you will need car insurance. Every province is a little different , some you have insurance yourself others you insure your car. Just depends on the Province.