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    Visitor visa for infant

    Does anybody know how long IRCC is taking to process infant tourist visa applications. I submitted the application in mid May and still haven’t received any update and website application doesn’t show any progress other than submission… Are they taking months to approve now ?
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    Visitor visa for baby

    Hello, Can someone advise how to sign the forms (representative and family forms) when filling an application for a baby? The forms ask for declaration from the applicant and in my case applicant is my 7month old baby. How do I complete the forms where it asks for his signature ? Thanks
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    Unable to open IMM5645 family information form

    Hello, Am trying to open and download family information IMM 5645 form but it says “The document you are trying to load requires Adobe Reader 8 or higher. You may not have the Adobe reader installed or your viewing environment may not be properly configured to use adobe reader. For information...
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    Applying for infant visitor visa

    Hello, Please could someone help me with below queries. I am applying for Canada visitor visa for my infant. I am a PR but in india since 2020 due to pandemic and pregnancy. Now I wish to go back and applying for visitor visa for my 7month old baby. q1) do I create his own account on IRCC with...
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    PR for newborn outside Canada

    Hello, I am a Canadian PR but due to pandemic I couldn’t travel to Canada from India plus I was pregnant and delivered in india last quarter 2021. I now plan to travel to Canada but am not sure if I would get PR for my baby if I apply from india now OR is there any other way baby can travel back...
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    Spouse sponsorship

    am a PR holder and planning to get married this year. Would it be easier to get sponsorship if we register our marriage in Canada ? Or we can get married in India and then apply from India ? I have heard that if we register the marriage in Canada and apply PR from there then the spouse cannot...