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    BIL Call If applied with a lawyer

    Anyone here applied with a lawyer? Just curious what is the process... For example, if a lawyer does not pick up a phone call will they call applicant directly?
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    SIN During implied status

    Hello. Is there a way to get a new SIN number while I am waiting for both PR and Work Permit. My old SIN expired.
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    SIN while application in progress

    Hello! I have two applications in progress: Work permit extension and PR. I tried to apply for SIN online and submitted AOR of work permit but it got rejected. Anyone here had/has experience with applying for SIN while waiting for a final decision? What is the best way to do it and how to prove...
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    How CIC going to deal with Biometrics for CEC INLANDS?

    Just curious here. I just cannot imagine how many applicants waiting to give their biometrics and how packed it will be! Even before Covid, it was quite busy and we had to book an appointment 2-3 weeks in advance.
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    Didn't get BIL request - Only MED passed

    CEC INLAND. Anyone else in the same boat?
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    No BIL request only - Medical Passed

    CEC - INLAND. AOR April 15. Received med passed several days ago but no BIL requests. Anyone else in the same boat?
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    CEC - INLAND - AOR APRIL | Medicals passed but no BIL

    So, as stated per subject line, I did not received a BIL request but got medicals passed. Anyone in the same boat?
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    Web form template for application status

    Hi all, Anyone can share the template on how to request the current stage of the application including security check, criminality etc. Plus, the VO location. Thanks
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    Small mistake in the reference letter

    Hi all! I am CEC INLAND After submitting all documents for PR, i noticed that previous company’s HR did a small mistake in my reference letter. My last date of employment was April 19, 2019, however, he mentioned April 29, 2019. I also have a second reference letter from my current employer...
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    CEC INLAND - Offer of employment requested

    Hi all! My friend is applying under cec and has almost 2 years of experience however, he needs to upload offer of employment. Isnt it for those who are being sponsored to come to canada? Also he needs to submit proof of funds. can it be that he did some mistakes in questionaire?
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    When to expect first update after AOR

    Hello everyone! Just wondering, when to expect the first update after AOR. I am CEC inland. Applied online. Upfront medicals done
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    POST-AOR - Biometrics and further stages

    Hello everyone! Due to COVID-19, all offices are closed. However, my question is: what happens if I get requested to do fingerprints now? Will the application review be paused? Or officers will continue to review my application even without biometrics?
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    Applying for BOWP - When should I receive AOR?

    Hey everyone! I just submitted my documents for PR, finally! From your experience, how long it takes to receive AOR? I will need it to apply for BOWP. I am CEC, Inland
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    Question about filing with a Lawyer

    Hello everyone. I hired a Lawyer and we received an ITA to his account. If I decide to terminate the contract with him, is there a way to "transfer" that ITA to my personal account if I contact CIC via the webform?
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    Lawyer is filling for me - question

    Hi guys! I am sure some of you did file a PR application through the lawyer's profile. The question is: is there a way for him to share the application access with my profile, so I can keep an eye on any updates we receive? Thanks
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    RCMP Certified Check - INLAND question

    Hi everyone! Did anyone apply for Certified Check recently, after this coronavirus stuff happened? How long have you been waiting for a letter?
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    Certified Criminal Record Check

    Hey there. I requested an upfront CCRC (with fingerprints) Couple of questions: 1. How long it usually takes to receive letter via mail? 2. Do they inform via email that the check has been proccesed? the only email I got is that they received the transaction
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    Canadian Police Certificate - PR

    Hi all, Where can I get a Background check except for Police offices? Did anyone here request it from different company? Is it eligible for PR application?
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    Police Certificate for PR - INLAND

    Hey! Received CEC ITA yesterday. Wondering if I need a Canadian Police Certificate? I requested one but police offices are closed so no way for me to pick it up
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    CELPIP scores in profile

    Hello! I updated CELPIP scores around 2 hours ago in the profile but the overall CRS score is still the same. How long does it take to get updated?