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    English Proof for Citizenship Application

    Hello Everyone I would say I am confused and would better get clarification here from experienced folks. Its quite nostalgic to come back and login after so long . I was a consistent contributor to this forum while my PR was in progress and helped as much as I could post my PR . Hope to get...
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    Name Split on Indian Passport

    Well its a common problem as informed to me for Indian Passport holders with various reasons . My Problem My Indian passport while I became PR of Canada has my full name "XXXXX XXX XXXX" in Give Name and Surname as blank , though i have a surname in my full name (marked) . It was mistake...
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    Express Entry - launch at 12 noon EST January 1st, 2015

    CIC releases info below - Hope its helpful...
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    New Process CIC - Update - Landing

    Hi All Just received a call from CIC to complete Landing at CIC-Etobicoke , They asked me if I have any plans of vacation if YES they informed you cannot travel out of country until PR Card is delivered . Amazing part was she said it would take 6-8 weeks which is contradicting 16 days on CIC...
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    Sending Passport to Ottawa - Address Concern

    I have recently got PPR and will be sending Passports on Monday , I am bit confused about two Addresses CIC mentioned. They also said "we strongly recommend that you purchase two (2) PREPAID Canada Post Xpresspost envelopes (National), letter-sized (318 x 241 mm), at any Canada Post retail...
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    Security - Blank - GCMS

    What is meant by Security and other related (HIRV, Org Crime , Misinterpretation ) as Blank in GCMS notes? Does it mean "It is passed" coz lot of posts I have seen people commenting as "NOT STARTED" purposefully written for above . I do see in notes that VO(ID is written) has updated under...
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    What to expect PPR or RPRF ?

    GCMS says eligibility Passed , RPRF paid Upfront and reflected in GCMS notes. Is RPRF official request is a sign of something ? Few people got RPRF request even paid Upfront , is it something to worry about? Shall i wait for RPRF or PPR ?
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    DEC/JAN/FEB/ - RPRF Request on 26th SEP Received

    I have a question , How many DEC2013/JAN2014/FEB2014 applicants still got the official RPRF yesterday even it was paid UPFRONT?
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    "Access to Information Act" or "Privacy Act" - GCMS ??

    I am in Canada and ordered GCMS notes under "Access to Information Act" which asked for 5 $ rather than using Privacy Act. I hope choosing "Access to Information Act" and option as "Electronic" wont create any problem and delay my application , Am I correct ??? I am least bothered about 5 $ ...
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    Query to People/Dependent Landed Already

    Just a Question - Dependent ( Wife ) on CEC Application , whereas me being the Primary Applicant . When COPR or Passport is sent after stamping , What category dependent will fall , I am sure dependent will fall under CEC too ? Any experienced folks , It can't be Family Class for Dependent r8t...
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    ATIP/GCMS Down ?

    Now GCMS/ATIP Down , What the heck is going on ? https://atip-aiprp.apps.gc.ca/atip/
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    RPRF - Upfront - Query

    My Application Status is "In Process" , Have completed my medicals as per DMP everything is normal and results have been uploaded this Tuesday . I want to pay RPRF Upfront , Shall I wait for "Medical Received" on ecas then pay it Upfront , Or Pay It anyways if its not correlated to Medicals ...
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    Seniors - Please come here and comment

    A gentleman under "September 2013 Applications' with Name "Vishal007" on Page 448 is commenting as below Guys...I have a news..not a good one though...the quota for this year is already over and now they CIC will drag the process to next year. I am also sailing in the same boat and seems the...
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    Fatty Liver

    Is fatty Liver inadmissible ? Anybody is aware of it?
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    High Liver Enzymes - Please suggest

    alanine aminotransferase (ALT) or SGPT higher Levels without having any Hepatitis ( A,B,C and HBsAg) abnormality/Negative can lead to problems in medicals ? Please share views , I am yet to go for medicals .
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    BLOOD Test - Medicals

    Does anybody know what all Tests are conducted under Blood Test for medicals ? Is AST/ALT Liver Test is done at first go i.e. Upfront . or if hepatitis (A,B,C ) is found positive ? I know many people would ignore my question but request to share views if somebody knows about it. Thanks
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    MR - E-Medical Enabled - Toronto

    Hi Seniors Could anybody update me e-medical Enabled Near Toronto Downtown to do medicals ? If any of those do medical on saturdays that would be great. Thanks in Advance.
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    RPRF Fees - Paid For Friend

    Hi Seniors I have paid RPRF fees with my credit card for my friend. But After Filling the Payment details , The receipt is showing my name as I have to fill my details while filling the credit card details. I too already have an application and expecting MR and eventually RPRF . I hope CIC...
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    Spouse - OWP - Online Filing - After Payment - Query

    I am currently on work permit and working under skill category B (i.e 0 , A , B) and have applied open work permit for my wife . We have applied online , after doing payment we only see status as submitted but we haven't received any message about any application number or etc Is it Normal ...
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    PCC India - Urgent

    Hi All My father got PCC on behalf of me from my home town/city in india. I know being living in canada one option is from BLS and other is which I discussed above. PCC which i submitted with my CEC application was on Province/State letter head Says " This is to Certify that there is nothing...