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    Landing experience

    Hello all Finally me and my husband landed today, the process was overall smooth, just took us a lot of time because many flights landed at the same time. Anyways lets start ..... i am writing it because our landing is a proof of clarifications of many doubts. My husband is the primary...
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    Travel document from India

    After landing as PR in april, i need to go to india for 2 weeks due to some need. My question is how many days it can take for our travel document to come since i wont be having a PR card? And does it create any problem if we are landing without the PR card, but with the travel document...
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    Declaration of funds in US customs

    Hi all I will be landing soon from US to toronto. I get that I need to declare funds at US customs(anything in cash $10000 more)..... has anyone gone through that process? What all questions can the US custom ask? How smooth is the process?? Any insight would be helpful Thanks
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    Proof of funds - Landing from US

    Hi all My husband and I are planning to land in toronto from US soon. My query is to show the proof of funds can we take bank statement? Will it also be considered as proof of fund? Please reply and inform me. Thanks