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    1 family 2 countries of residence question. btw PPR after SS :)

    Hi guys, I have finally received the request to send our passports for COPR. thought I expected to receive an email rather than a request letter in the account. Anyway, happy happy! BUT, they send us one letter for the family indicating the closest visa office. However one of the family...
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    CIC asking for Hukou

    hi guys, Wondering whether anybody was/is in the same situation. I was asked for additional docs, hukou for my husband (who is Chinese) and our daughter. But our daughter is not Chinese and doesn't have hukou... it was clearly stated in my eAPR and Copy of her foreign passport was included. I...
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    Post ITA change of field of study

    Hi All, I just noticed that the field of study for my masters in EE profile I chose as Social sciences (not sure why, but i definitely didnt see Law at that time there :(), while it is Law and i got ECA. I have changed it now in my APR... Do you think it might cause serious problems? and my...
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    Medicals in 2 different countries

    Hi All, I know that a family can pass medical check in 2 different countries. My question is now about how it should be done in practice? 1. I go for medicals in country A, get the paper from a doctor with kind of number to be uploaded to the system. 2. Pass this number to my daughter in...
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    Anybody with NOC 5226? Advice on Duties in reference needed

    Hi is there anybody else with NOC 5226. Please share how you formulate/d your duties in the Reference letter, as I cannot find specific responsibilities under NOC code on CIC website :-[ So I dont know which criteria they are going to check my duties against... or maybe somebody had the same...
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    Applicants from CHINA let`s CONNECT here

    Hi All, I decided to start this thread so that those residing in China or stayed in China before could connect and share some experience on getting docs ready post ITA. As I am sitting at 440, I think it is time for me to start getting documents like PCC and translations of all kind of...
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    Medical for family members in different countries

    Hi All, what if one of my family members-daughter is residing in another country. Can we do medicals in two countries? or she needs to come and we have to pass it as a family together? thanks