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    Importance of Filing Canadian Taxes

    Hi guys, I recently got PR and my PR Card. I'm actually still working in the US and have not moved to Canada. I'm wondering about the importance of filing taxes in Canada. I'm wondering if they ask you to submit tax statements when you apply for renewal of the PR card or for Citizenship...
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    SIN Card Application with a non-Canadian Address

    I'm looking at the SIN Application Form here: http://www.servicecanada.gc.ca/eforms/forms/nas-2120-(01-15)e.pdf If you scroll down to the Application form, it seems to ask for the Applicant's Address. I'm curious if I can use a non-Canadian Address here? What would be the consequences of...
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    Can I enter Canada with PR, but without landing?

    I'm an Indian in the US on a H1B. Unfortunately, my H1B has never been stamped on my passport i.e. if I were to leave the US, they would not allow me back without visiting a US Consulate. (AVR won't work.) This also means I don't intend to stay in Canada once I get my US visa i.e. I would return...
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    Mailing Address for PR Card for someone with NO Friends/Relatives

    Hi, I'm working in the US and I got PR via FSW category. I need to land by the end of November. Unfortunately, the project I'm working on lasts till the end of the year, and I don't want leave mid-way. So, I'm thinking of doing my landing and returning to the US for a few months before...
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    Medical Request Procedure Experiences

    It seems like quite a few people have got the Medical Request from their visa office, so I think it would be a good time to ask my questions about it: 1. First, what exactly happens in the Medicals? I understand that you have to go to some designated doctors. Can someone who has gone through...
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    Certified Translators for the PCC

    Hi, I am not in Canada, but I need to translate my non-English/French PCC for the CIC. Any suggestions on how to find a certified translator? Thank you, O. O.
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    Did you staple Forms/Documents when mailing to the CIO?

    I am curious about those who have submitted their FSW applications: Did you staple together individual pages of a form? Many of the required forms have multiple pages, and these could get mixed up. I hate to see my submission dropped on the floor at the CIO. So, did you staple them? Or do I use...
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    Police Clearance Certificate from FSW 2013-2014 Batch?

    I am considering preparing my FSW application and submitting it next month i.e. starting from May 2014. I am “assuming” that the process would be the same, and those who have done it can share their experiences with me. I don’t have a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) and I don’t think I can...
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    How long can you delay: Medicals, Passport & Landing?

    Hi, I am new to doing the Canadian Immigration. I have a fairly good job/position right now, but I would be interested in immigrating to Canada in the near future i.e. next year and a half or so. In case I get immigration to Canada but I want to stay in my then current job for about 6 to 8...
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    Quebec Immigration: What does "advanced intermediate knowledge of French" mean?

    Hi All, I'm sorry I am a newbie here. I was looking at http ://www .immigration-quebec.gouv.qc.ca/en/informations/rules-procedures.html This page seems to say that we can submit applications "if you have advanced intermediate knowledge of French demonstrated by a standardized test." What...
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    Pointers for a Newbie to Canada Immigration

    Hi All, I am interested in Immigrating to Canada, and I know I need to do my homework. As there has been a lot of changes in the past few years, I'd be grateful to receive any pointers from some of you with more experience on this topic. My Background: About 10 years ago, I was interested...