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  1. Emil7

    CBSA entry/exit history report.

    Hey guys. from 2020 June 25th CBSA started to collect exit informations about passengers from air companies. Last december I made a trip outside Canada. And this August I ordered my travel history from CBSA. Now I got it and it shows only entry record, no exit record was there. Any opinions...
  2. Emil7

    Applying Citizenship with lost back home passport.

    Hey guys. Hope you doing well. My nephew (refugee) applied for citizenship this month, but because of he lost his back home passport he couldnt send pictures of all pages. Now he has a concern that he will receive some bad news from IRCC. He only traveled 2 times,
  3. Emil7

    Lost travel document while abroad.

    Guys, a friend lost his travel document and some other docs while abroad. There is no embassy or consulate in that country, but there is VAC. How he is gonna leave that country? What is your advice?
  4. Emil7

    CSIS Report URGENT!!

    Hey guys, today I received file about my Access to information act request. And it's says that my security check cancelled, the reason for that is "case incorrectly submitted by IRCC". What should I do guys? Any advice?
  5. Emil7

    Need help about GCMS NOTES

    Guys I just received my notes. I add my wife ( married after applying for PR) to my PR application and there is a couple things that I need an explanation. How do you think it means they added my wife to app? Because I see her DOB on file. Please give me advice . "Client is a Dr. Client is...
  6. Emil7

    Applying to PRRA

    Hi guys. My friend got US visa and came to Canada by crossing the border illegally. His refugee claim rejected, he lost appeal and Federal Court also. Now he wants to apply for PRRA. I'm wondering does he can apply for it if he came from US? because of US the safe third country?
  7. Emil7

    Adding my wife to my PR application.

    Guys, I'm going to marry this month with my girlfriend, outside Canada. I want to add her to my PR application. Who knows what documents I need to fill? And how long it can take to add her? Please share your experience
  8. Emil7

    Coming back to Canada

    Guys my friend has an issue. He got his permanent residence this month but didn't receive PR card yet. But he travelled to one of the Caribbean country. He showed his national passport at the border. Because he has Canadian visa for 10years on his passport they let him to entry to country. My...
  9. Emil7

    Adding my wife to my PR application.

    Hi guys. Do you know someone who married after submitting application? What I have to do to add my wife to my application? She lives outside Canada. And I'm going to marry in 3rd country
  10. Emil7

    Travel to United States with RTD

    Is it possible to travel to United States with PR if the person came to Canada from United States border without visa?
  11. Emil7

    Do you know someone who applied for PR and received a letter about decision?

    Do you know someone who applied for PR and received a letter about decision?
  12. Emil7

    How to add my wife to my PR application?

    We received your application for permanent residence on July 3, 2018. We sent you correspondence acknowledging receipt of your application(s) on October 4, 2018. We started processing your application on October 3, 2018. We sent you medical instructions on October 22, 2018. To avoid delays...
  13. Emil7

    Waiting time after Medical exam

    I applied for PR in 3rd July 2018, and after 3 month I recieved a letter about medical exam in 22 October 2018. Im wondering how long it can take after exam to get PR?
  14. Emil7

    Travel document visa required countries

    I have canadian travel document and want to know which European country i can visit without visa?
  15. Emil7

    Refugee travel document

    Hi. I recieved my travel document, and now i want to travel to Ukraine. Do I need a visa? And if I need how can apply for that?
  16. Emil7

    Alberta PR card

    I win the Hearing in Alberta. How long I've to live in Alberta to get PR card? Can I live in other province and wait for PR?
  17. Emil7

    Need help abiut Most aked questions in the Hearing.

    I get new hearing date, so i need to get prepare. Tell me questions which thecan ask in the Hearing
  18. Emil7

    SoS! URGENT!!!

    I just received a letter from IRB. About my new hearing date in 7 June. Now I want to change my lawyer, cause I'm not sure that this lawyer can win something. Any information about changing lawyers?
  19. Emil7

    Driver experience letter

    I need to get drive experience letter from back home. Is there has to be stamp on letter or not? Because there is no information about stamp in drivertest.ca.
  20. Emil7

    Driver license documents

    When I applied to G1 I marked that I dont hold any driver license out of Ontario (because I forgot it at back home) . But now I get my back home licence (my parents send it to me), and I want to update my information. Cause without it I have to wait 2 years to get full licence. Please share...