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  1. amir82

    Lost PR Card and Need Travel Document abroad (PRTD)

    Hi, How much time does it take to issue a travel document ? I am from Pakistan.
  2. amir82

    No PR card after 4+ months?

    I have received my PR card in 3 weeks of arrival but i have not received my wife's PR card since 5 months. what are my options here ?
  3. amir82

    London Visa Office

    I have red a case few months back on this forum where a guy after the issuance of the visa notified VO that he has done marriage and went for his landing after that, the guy was denied entry and sent back by the immigration officer from airport back to his country. I dont know what happened to...
  4. amir82

    Strange call from Visa Office after visa issued!

    Its always said by the experienced member of this forum that always travel immediately after you receive visa. If you would have done that now you would have been much relaxed. But still don't worry as you are not the only one with whom such thing happened. I remember reading few others so relax...
  5. amir82

    Cloths & shoes for Canada?????????

    hi, how is weather in Toronto now a days as i intend to land after mid Oct and what are the clothing format ? is it bearable enough for us to pass few days in Toronto and then do shopping or we should bring the warm gear from our home ( Pakistan ) ?
  6. amir82

    London Visa Office

    dear submitted to islamabad
  7. amir82

    anyone heard of Wilson Walker Canada?

    Wilson Walker is a fraud company .. They will take money from you and in reply they will arrange a job letter for you which has no worth in immigration and in the end you will lose only money and time and nothing will appear positive.
  8. amir82

    London Visa Office

    Alhamdulilah ... I have received my Visa and COPR today.
  9. amir82

    waiting for passports return from islamabad.. plz share ur timeline

    you cannot send email directly to Islamabad. contact your respective VO for the same.
  10. amir82

    London Visa Office

    I think its a local policy to staple old and new passports for atleast two years and then u can unstaple both and send the current one anywhere required.
  11. amir82

    London Visa Office

    guys to my surprise ... with the grace of Almighty Allah I have received PPR 2 today. I was not being asked PPR 1 at all. updated information chart was already asked when medicals were being sent. I am thankful to each one of you who have helped me directly or indirectly in this process which...
  12. amir82

    London Visa Office

    Thank u
  13. amir82

    London Visa Office

    Thank u
  14. amir82

    London Visa Office

    Thanks .. well hope is better than being certain about delay. as u guys say "wait with faith" this is i am sticking to.
  15. amir82

    London Visa Office

    my medical was conducted on 9th Sep and ecas got updated on 16th Sep. I did it at IOM islamabad and booked an appointment through email. as per the Dr. the medical is uploaded within 24 to 48 hours.
  16. amir82

    London Visa Office

    3rd line has been added to my ECAS today regarding medical receiving. I hope n pray to get the both PPR requests together and visa in Sep so that I can fly in OCT before the weather gets at it worst in Toronto :)
  17. amir82

    London Visa Office

    I am in also
  18. amir82

    Thoz who got 6-12 months wait letter

    Thank u brother ... taking out time in your schedule of life is not an easy task and helping others in knowing the situation is an effort appreciable. Allah bless u ... +1 for u.
  19. amir82

    London Visa Office

  20. amir82

    Related to proof of funds

    it would be for the whole family