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    Current EE applicants...PLEASE ANSWER! :)

    a bank draft which costs $7.50 is good proof that you have sufficient funds.
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    India Police Certificate for multiple places

    Nope the indian cousluate (bls office) will get your pcc certficates from india. anything in canada is done via rcmp.
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    India Police Certificate for multiple places

    if you are in Canada already, the best way is to contact the nearest consulate office. they have this company who will do the pcs for you and charge $50 ish and it comes in 6 weeks.
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    5th draw over. 481 points and 1620 invites..

    If you are in Canada the best way to do is to get a bank draft. Typically, a bank charges $7.50 for a DD and its the most sound way of showing proof of funds.
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    MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION and a problem to us all

    How about you mrsolazytotypeyourownname, make use of the time to increase your score by ielts or eca and then wait for them to issue ITA. PR is a privilege and not your birth right.
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    PGWP holders......

    Yes you can apply and get work permit at the border. It works the same as getting your intial study permit at any location like major airports in Canada.
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    Study Permit Extension in Canada. Feb 2015

    I just want to know when it got processed?
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    Study Permit Extension in Canada. Feb 2015

    Anyone who has send in their application for the extension of their study permit within Canada?
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    CEC Number of days - Issue

    The time you took your vacation is actually the hours you earned while working with your employer. These payed hours are part of the employment and so it does count in CEC
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    All Banking Professionals let's discuss the Nuts & Bolts of Express Entry

    I believe no one yet so far. The cutoff scores are too high for CEC applicant unless they have pnp or lmia. How about connecting on whatsapp. If yes, then we can share our numbers?
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    Is it necessary to obtain ECA if you hold Post Grad certificate from Canada?

    If you are applying under CEC where you have worked for 1 year in Canada, ECA is not essential. But, you may do it if you want to increase your CRS score.
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    third draw - cut off 808!

    Congratus bud. Last time, I found it was funny but hey it can happen to anyone. Thanks for sharing your experience. I am sure it will help people in future. Good luck
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    Only 3,000 Candidates were in the pool during the First Draw !

    Most of the journalists are not immigration experts. You don't have to be an expert on a particular subject unless you are writing an op-ed. Yes, there is an approach in journalism where you give a bird eye view to your story by bringing comments from all the stakeholders. Journalists are not...
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    if you are working on pgwp you don't need adverstisement details. pgwp holders are exempt from it. just say NA.
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    Only 3,000 Candidates were in the pool during the First Draw !

    But don't you think that a reputed newspaper like Star would publish a story, quoting CIC without hearing from them? Like it doesn't make any sense to me. I have studied journalism in Canada and 1 thing is for sure that you just cannot publish any story, quote a company/organization without...
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    Is E-Bank Statement good enough

    As you said you were in India 3 months back, you may get online statment but I don't know if CIC will consider it. Also, the funds you have brought to Canada you can use that also the proof. Like Traveller's Chq or Visa debit.
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    Is E-Bank Statement good enough

    Bank Draft is generally the best way to show the proof of funds. If you are in Canada, just walk to any bank and get a bank draft. It usually cost $7.50 and its the easiest and secure way to show the proof.
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    TFSA forum

    Yes, if you read carefully I mentioned the same using 2014 as an example. Thanks for completing it.