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  1. 4zans

    PR Confirmation Portal: eCoPR after submitted address, photo

    I created this thread for those who are still waiting for the eCoPR after submitting the address and photos in the portal. Here is my timeline: CEC Inland AOR: March 3, 2021 PR Confirmation Portal to send UCI, Option, Email, Port of Entry: May 24th, 2021 PR Confirmation Portal with Credentials...
  2. 4zans

    September 2020 paper based applicants without AoR, let's connect here

    Hello everyone, I'm creating this thread so everyone that sent their applications to Sydney in September 2020 and are waiting for AoR can connect here.
  3. 4zans

    PR application: Xpresspost package question

    Hello everyone, I sent my PR application yesterday via Canada Post Xpresspost using the white envelope they provide. The space for the name of the office receiving it wasn’t enough so inside the main envelope, I added a 9x12 envelope as they require with the office name printed as mentioned in...
  4. 4zans

    MPNP Draw #96

    Let's connect here! My timeline so far is: MPNP SW in Manitoba Submitted EOI on 8 August, 2020 Received LAA letter on 13 August, 2020 Submitted MPNP application on 18 August, 2020 Received MPNP file number on 19 August, 2020 Current Status: Application in Progress on 21 August, 2020
  5. 4zans

    MPNP - No changes after payment and submission

    Hi, I've submitted my MPNP inland application and paid the fees, however I don't see any changes in my application status and it is still "In Progress". Should I wait for it to change or maybe there was something wrong? I do see the $500 CAD change in my card though. Thanks in advance for...
  6. 4zans

    Work permit and EE profile

    Is it possible to have my work permit refused because of having an EE profile? Are there any possibile conflicts?
  7. 4zans

    Work Permit: New passport request

    Hi everyone, I have applied for a work permit under the GTS path on Dec 6th. Last Monday I received a request letter saying the following: Passport/Travel Document: Valid passport or travel document Information indicates that you have reported a lost or stolen passport. Please provide a copy...