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  1. aryansood89

    Traveling in June

    Hi there, I had scheduled my flight on Air Canada from delhi to Toronto on 3rd June. Yesterday the airline cancelled the flight and the next available flight for me is on June 22! Can we travel via transiting form another country because i can book a flight on Turkish airlines via isbtanbull...
  2. aryansood89

    Best gic option for Indian applicants

    Hi Guys...if you guys haveany doubts regarding CIBC gace program I can help you throughout the process for why did you use my referral email aryansood89@gmail.com while creating your account and I can guide you throughout the process whole process step by step... Also for using my email you guys...
  3. aryansood89

    Ccpt humber college

    Hi everyone has anyone Registered for ccpt online? If yes could you plz share the preparation resources...
  4. aryansood89

    Humber Jan 2020 applicants gather here...

    All Humber applicants share your application status...
  5. aryansood89

    Flight transit visa

    I am going to book flight for Toronto from new Delhi via London...do I require a UK transit visa or any other document to go to Canada ? I have a valid Canadian student visa for Jan 2020 intake..
  6. aryansood89

    Phones work

    Do Indian phones purchased in 2019 work in Canada??