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  1. scarletsally

    Work Experience - Letters of Reference by email

    Hey everyone, I'm applying for PR under FSW2. I'm a software developer and I have letters of reference sent by my previous employers through email. Is that alright? Is it considered 'original'? If not, do I have to ask them to mail me a physical (aka paper) letter of reference? Thanks in advance...
  2. scarletsally

    Temporary worker bringing my fiance to visit me

    Hello, I am currently on a work permit valid until next year. I would like for my fiance to visit me here. Would it be a good idea to send him a letter of invitation, or would that affect his application for a TRV? We do not have concrete plans in the near future but we are going to be married...
  3. scarletsally

    Processing times for Inland Application for FSW

    Hey there, I was wondering how the processing would be for inland applications for FSW? I'm here on a work permit and would like to apply for PR mid this year. Also, is it faster if there's a job offer letter? My employer is willing to hire me on a permanent basis once I become a PR.
  4. scarletsally

    Credit Card - How to get one

    Hi, does anyone of you know how can I get a Credit Card from a Canadian bank while I'm under a temporary visa? The only process I know of right now is what my friend did: the bank asked him for a deposit, which in turn became his credit limit. If he leaves the country permanently, he won't get...
  5. scarletsally

    My timeline - just want to share (TWP)

    Hey guys, I just want to share my timeline. God is really good! February 19 - Received an email from employer that I was recommended by my friend. Asked for my resume and set an interview February 23 - First video interview with employer March 1 - Received email from employer to set another...
  6. scarletsally

    After medical exam results have been delivered

    What do I do next? I applied in person at the LA Consulate on April 22. I was told to come back on April 27 for my passport. When I came back, I was told that I would need to get a medical exam done and they gave me a form to give to the DMP. I had my medicals done the next day, April 28. I...