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  1. trinatocanada

    Lost COPR

    Hi, my original COPR and landing documents went missing while we were moving. I have been a PR since 2010. Is there a way to obtain copies of the COPR from CIC? How will the absence of this document affect my citizenship application?
  2. trinatocanada

    IELTS Academic vs General

    Hi, I know it states in the requirements that they require the General IELTS but it also states that if you have submitted a language test to CIC for PR purposes, you can do that too even if it is already expired. My question is, CIC accepted my Academic IELTS when I applied for PR in 2009. I...
  3. trinatocanada


    Anybody here have experience taking the CanTEST exam?
  4. trinatocanada

    10 months in Canada

    Hello forum members! It has been quite a while since I last posted about my experiences here in Canada. Well I have been very busy and keeping busy is good :) It has been 10 months since I landed and so far it has been a roller coaster. First the good news, I have been working in the same...
  5. trinatocanada

    arjun19 - your inbox is full

    I am guessing you are still single? I ask because you can get extra points if you were married and have children. The only way you can be assured to reach the required points is if you score a high band in the IELTS exam. I strongly suggest that you do not go with what the agency tells you. They...
  6. trinatocanada

    PR cards arrive except for my son's

    Hi guys, Finally after 7 weeks, PR cards for me and my husband has arrived but my son's PR card is not included. Where should I follow this up?
  7. trinatocanada

    One month today, I landed in Toronto.

    Hello friends, It has been exactly one month since I landed in Toronto. What can I tell you about my experiences? Well, my family and I spent the first three weeks just being tourists. We rented a furnished apartment in downtown close to all the tourist spots so we did not need a car. We walked...
  8. trinatocanada

    trinatocanada now trinaINcanada

    Hi guys, Just arrived safely in downtown Toronto last 20th July. The landing process was not difficult at all. It was a slow day and we were the only ones in the immigration office. All he asked for was our COPR papers, address where the PR card is to be mailed, and asked us to show him the POF...
  9. trinatocanada

    Chils seats in the taxis?

    Hi, Do the taxis at Toronto Pearson Airport have child seats available? Coz we're not bringing one and I heard that a chlild seat is mandatory for kids.
  10. trinatocanada

    Private health insurance in Abu Dhabi

    Hi, I am open to suggestions as to where to get health insurance for me and my family in Abu Dhabi. We leave on July 20th. Thanks!
  11. trinatocanada

    Here is How to Make an Enquiry at CHC London

    http://www.canadainternational.gc.ca/united_kingdom-royaume_uni/visas/enquiry-how_demande-comment.aspx The question of how to make an enquiry has been asked so many times. I Hope this helps alot of forumers who have applied at the London visa office.
  12. trinatocanada

    Passports are back! OH YEAH!!!

    Thanks thanks thanks to my friends in this forum. Its been a patient two years :)
  13. trinatocanada

    Decision Made :)

    Decision made just today 22nd June 2010. Aramex don't let me down now!
  14. trinatocanada

    Why Canada? This is why!

    Take a look at this http://finance.yahoo.com/news/Canadas-economy-is-suddenly-apf-807130582.html?x=0
  15. trinatocanada

    London office must be swamped.

    One month after sending passports to London CHC and still no change on ecas. I sure hope my passports get back in the next two weeks.
  16. trinatocanada

    Passports from London to Middle East

    Hello, Anyone know how long it takes before we get our passports back from London?
  17. trinatocanada

    PPR extension possible?

    Hi guys, I was just wondering if it is possible to extend PPR beyond the 45 days? If it is, how can I request for an extension?
  18. trinatocanada

    Another One Just for Sharing :)

    EnjoyYour Coffee Posted on January 25th, 2010 under Wealth of Advice By Francisco J. Colayco I received this email story: “A group of classmates who have done well in their careers. They got together to visit their old school professor. Conversation soon turned into complaints about stress in...
  19. trinatocanada

    New Passports

    Hi, I renewed my family's passports to the machine readable type but have not informed CHC London about this. The old passports are stapled to the new ones because our UAE residence visas are still valid. When our PPR arrives, I will naturally send the new ones together with the old. Do I...
  20. trinatocanada

    Interview Done

    Hi guys, We just came back from the interview at the Canadian embassy in Abu Dhabi. The interview itself took 10 minutes. My husband and I were called to enter an interview room and just as we sat down, the immigration officer told us that this interview was just a part of their quality...