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  1. hasanemam

    Documents Required For Interview

    After waiting in interview queue for 15 months (February 2019), I have finally received email from my VO (SGVO) to attend interview. However I am a bit confused about the documents they are asking us to submit. Are they asking it to provide it electronically or to bring with in person on the...
  2. hasanemam

    How to Directly Talk to An agent (Via Call)

    We are an outland applicant. Can someone please give us the phone number to call CIC? And not automated pre recorded conversation. It would be nice if someone tell how to connect with an agent on phone from Canada.
  3. hasanemam

    Help needed to send all forms

    We have completed all of our forms and supporting documents. I am the principal applicant and my wife is my sponsor. I am an Outland applicant. It's a very silly question but what is the best way to send these forms? And how are we going to know if they received it well or not. Please suggest...
  4. hasanemam

    IMM 0008 - HELP NEED

    I am principal applicant and my wife is my sponsor. We will be submitting our document this month. We have prepared every form by ourselves but we have a confusion about IMM0008 section 5 I am currently unemployed. By profession I am a Mechanical Engineer and i have work experience on my...
  5. hasanemam

    Form IMM 5406

    Hello all! I hope you all are doing well. My wife who has Canadian PR and presently staying in Canada wants to sponsor me. So I am the principal applicant. While filling out the IMM 5406 form, I am confused about it. Am I the Applicant is section A? And under spouse or common law partner...
  6. hasanemam

    IMM 5669 - Background Declaration

    In form "IMM 5669 E Schedule A - Background Declaration" i have to mention my education history. But i am confuse about it. My Education history is given below 10 years of schooling + 4 years of Diploma in Engineering (Mechanical Technology) + 4 Years of Bachelor In Engineering (Mechanical...
  7. hasanemam

    Some quick questions about Spousal PR

    Hello all! I hope you are having a good day. I have some basic questions regarding spousal PR. My wife has Canadian PR. She is in Canada now for her post doctoral program. She wants to be my sponsor and eagerly waiting for me to join her in Canada. I am going to write short note about me so...
  8. hasanemam

    Spousal Visa Confusion

    My wife recently (this month) moved in Canada for her post doctoral program. She has PR since 2017 though she only lived there only for two months. She wants me to move with her as soon as possible. We are thinking for spousal PR program but we both know it might take 8 to 12 months for...
  9. hasanemam

    Want to apply for Visitors Visa. Help required!!!

    My wife has Canadian PR and she is with me in Bangladesh now. We want to start our life in Canada. But the sponsorship only works when she is in Canada. She cannot sponsor me when she is outside of Canada. We are thinking to apply visitors visa for me and we will go Canada together. My questions...