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    Passport expire of secondary applicant

    No need to reapply for a new visa if he will be able to fly with you in Feb 2023, just renew his passport and use the visa in the old passport; present both passports.
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    Credential Evaluation : urgent

    Which one did you use for PR? WES has an upgrade option so there is no need to resend new sealed letters.
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    Currently awaiting passport - travelling to Vegas

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    IEC Expiring at the end of this month, how to stay as visitor

    Save your gas money, apply online. https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/application/application-forms-guides/guide-5551-applying-change-conditions-extend-your-stay-canada.html You do get implied visitor status upon applying this way.
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    Flagpoled at Point Roberts confusion: Have you remained beyond validity of status?

    Did they specifically tell you you were out of status for those 2 days, or was it just your own interpretation because you couldn't work or study? Visitor is a valid status after all. IMO, as long as your entry was authorized by the CBSA, it should cause no issues even if you mark "no". But...
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    Flying back to Canada on an expired PR?

    Apply for a PRTD: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/new-immigrants/pr-travel-document.html Or if there is someone to receive the new card in Canada, it can be couriered to her.
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    I got my Passport request and I have questions about the manager's check

    if it’s a few cents it shouldn’t matter but if you are losing a big amount, lucky VFS. But they might also not accept your payment if there’s a significant discrepancy Best to get a refund for the first check from your bank and get a new check made with the correct amount
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    Crossing from US no PR card help!

    Do follow up if it's been several months (processing time is currently 60 days, so that's not normal), I've heard of some people with travel plans following up and then getting their cards processed. PR cards are usually processed and issued the same day you get AOR. What is the application...
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    How can i track my PR card, my ECAS shows no details while i have landed 3 months back

    OK, I missed the part where you implied you are still out of Canada. If you did not have any Canadian mailing address on file in your PR application, since you say you were not asked one when you landed, chances are your PR card never went into production. If you did indicate an address in...
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    How can i track my PR card, my ECAS shows no details while i have landed 3 months back

    First time PR cards don't appear in ECAS. Did you try the PR Portal? https://prson-srpel.apps.cic.gc.ca/en/login
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    Troubled post, needs urgent response

    Most people need to get an immigrant visa stamped in their passports first before even getting a PR card, which is only ever issued inside Canada. 100% scam.
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    Should I be worried about my passport being lost?

    Call and ask for the status or the tracking number if it was already sent. It's possible your and your wife's passports were not processed together.
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    Options to stay in Canada

    Since your workplace won’t do an LMIA, the answer is to find a new employer that will.
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    Options to stay in Canada

    Apply to change your status and stay as a visitor but you must stop working https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/application/application-forms-guides/guide-5551-applying-change-conditions-extend-your-stay-canada.html
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    question about work

    CVs are commonly requested by immigration consultants to determine if you can be eligible for PR/they can take you on as a client. But if any of them promise to get you a job, it’s more likely to be a scam.
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    How can I get PR?

    I'm aware this LMIA trick is practiced in the real world, but you won't get any help or sympathy on this forum for going through with it. Even with the LMIA, he will still have to provide IELTS or CELPIP results, but depending on the immigration stream/NOC, the required scores can be much...
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    Work History - Multiple positions with different NOC at same company

    You can combine them in one employer letter and split the work history in your application.
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    Getting married in the philippines - Questions

    Nah, the Christian government is working perfectly to their objectives; see also how the government south of the border is treating pregnant women.