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    MP contact?

    It all depends. In my case the MP tried to contact the embassy twice and never got any answer and we were way passed the estimated 12 months. He said that they were obliged to answer him within 5 working days. In the end he did get infos going through a call center but it gave us very limited...
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    At a loss...

    Could you ask her to come with you at the DMP ? She can keep track of the passeport and you get those tests done.
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    getting ready for landing

    perfect that sounds good. My home address has changed since we applied, but we never informed them. It has my parent's address on it. That said we will be moving again in about a month or so after he gets here so, should we just leave it with my parent's address for now as we do not know what...
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    getting ready for landing

    My husband will finally be landing next Thursday. He is flying with Air Canada from Peru. I assume he will land in TO and then connect to Montreal. I just wanted to know beside his passport and his Confirmation of Permanent Residence, if he needs anything at all. He is not bringing much into...
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    my husband re did his medical, submitted it with his passeport and the unpaid fees. Two weeks later he got his request to pick up his passeport the same week. I think it depends from an embassy to an other. His app was in Lima, Peru. It tooks two years for the entire process, but once he got...
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    Spousal Sponsorship Lima Peru Finished in Less than 5 Months!

    ours took 2 years and we were able to provide all the things you mentioned.. we had a bit of a harder situation because of my husband s status in the US, but still two damn years... i think you were just really lucky to be honest ! good for you !
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    Did my wife F up the application?

    Same here. I glued two pics per page with typed explanation under. No problem there.
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    hum have you tried ordering CAIPS ? you probably want to do that.
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    traveling back and forth

    Ask your employers for letters of employments, have credit cards receipt, bank statement that demonstrate where you spend most of your money, pay slips etc... that kind of stuff. I was stopped at the border going into the US once for these exact same reasons, and this is what the agent...
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    Baby and Two Year old, and waiting for Spouses Sponsorship 19 months!

    wow what a mess .... these crazy exes.... i have a story of my own... my husband's ex left him over 5 years ago, and suddenly, as we started the immigration process, she was throwing herself at him saying she was his only family, and that all she wanted is to be with him...she even went as far...
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    Received a letter requesting what I already sent in!

    yeah it seems like it is not paid in full, also possibly, your certificates are expired ?
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    Ottawa faces legal challenge over backlogged immigrant visa applications

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    Mary Keyork Professional Corporation http://www.canadaimmigrationlawyers.ca/ she handle my application. Beside being a great person she handled my application with care.
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    has your husband been in the army ? I see you are appying through Tel Aviv... being in the military delays applications, as more investigations have to be conducted mostly for security reasons.
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    Port of Spain Office, Trinidad and Tobago

    yeah and it is a little even more complicated than that. My husband was advised by people who wanted to take him across the border. Someone basically drove up to the border with him in a car and told him to say he was American, and that had lost his passport. Obviously that did not worked out so...
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    Pleas share experience. Faster than listed Application Processing Time?

    hum mine two twice the time posted, applciation was well organised, but not THAt straight forward, yet not THAT complicated.. meuu it s life..
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    Bad trend in spousal sponsorship processing time, lets inquire

    Re: Bad trend in spousal sponsorship processing time, lets inquire Pretoria My husband got his also the same as yours.. After 23 months !! I feel For you.. He brought the receipt of payment, passeport an medical this tuesday.. I think his visa will be his x-mas gift !
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    The agent gave my husband back all the proofs after the interview. He had brought even new ones and she didn t want to take them.... He got his passport request 2 weeks later.. Meaning it was not a bad thing !!
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    Section A39 of Immigration Act

    I m thinking that the fact that kids are involed might be why they are tougher here... It s one thing to have no money in the bank and sponsoring an adult... But this is different.... That said these proofs seemed good enought. I don t see how they could ignore this. I have a stable job, no...