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  1. aussiepete

    Any progress on Government mandate to allow spouses to come to Canada while waiting for PR?

    Back in December last year the PM sent the immigration minister a mandate letter that included creating an option for spouses waiting for sponsorship for PR to be able to get a visa to come to Canada while waiting for the process to complete. Has anyone heard any updates on this new program...
  2. aussiepete

    how do i order my immigration history?

    I immigrated to Canada in 2006. How do I get a copy of all my files and notes frim CIC? And whats it called? Thanks in advance
  3. aussiepete

    ***KINGSTON, JAMAICA **New Application**(as of Dec 7, 2016)***

    sorry im new to this. what is Pre Arrival ?
  4. aussiepete


    So you applied for a TRV before you submitted the sponsorship? How did you get approved? Im getting marred in May and will be submitting a sponsorship for my wife in June. I want to get her hear ASAP on a TRV if possible during the sponsorship processing
  5. aussiepete

    Newbie question on bringing wife to Canada while PR application is in process.

    So what should I do? Submit the sponsorship application and then submit an application for my wife to get a visitor visa? W are going to apply in June this year. we are getting married in May.
  6. aussiepete

    Newbie question on bringing wife to Canada while PR application is in process.

    I'm getting married in May of 2022. We are going to file a sponsorship application for PR once we marry. My soon to be wife is Jamaican and lives in Jamaica. I am a Canadian citizen and I live in Canada. I was watching this youtube clip CANADA ANNOUNCES NEW IMMIGRATION RULES FOR 2022 | CANADA...
  7. aussiepete

    Considering moving back to Canada - application questions, queries and concerns

    Hate to tell you but Canada is almost as expensive as Australia and wages are lower in Canada! Your partner is from Vancouver? Well try and find a house under a million $$ As for applying. You go through Sydney as you are in Australia. If you applied via London you would need to travel to the...
  8. aussiepete

    After 5 Years...Rejected!!!!!

    Can't really complain when you don't follow the rules and apply without the required days! The onus is on you to provide an accurate application and calculation on days. If in doubt wait a little longer to apply. I knew to the day when I was eligible to apply but i added an extra week as a...
  9. aussiepete

    My wife cheated on me. I need to get divorce, please help

    He lives in Canada right? So it's not really hard at all! And it is even easier to not fill in the sponsorship right? Oh but what should I do?? STUPID!!!
  10. aussiepete

    My wife cheated on me. I need to get divorce, please help

    So his wife lies, commits fraud, cheats on him & he says he needs to get a divorce. He has not yet applied to sponsor her and he is asking what he should do???????? Give me a break! Like I said. Stupid or a troll.
  11. aussiepete

    My wife cheated on me. I need to get divorce, please help

    You are either a troll or incredibly stupid. I find it hard to believe someone can be so stupid!
  12. aussiepete

    Do all who file for MANDAMUS get a HEARING with a CJ?

    Not it goes to the federal court. But most fail.
  13. aussiepete

    New Rules for Citizenship

    Well I don't see the difference. They are saying it will speed up the process. I took me 6 1/2 years from the day I landed until I was granted citizenship. ( 3 1/2 years ) to process my citizenship application. It's all the people who file the application then leave Canada with no intention of...
  14. aussiepete

    Aussies- QLD traffic history

    Whitehorse Yukon. Wow you only just landed! I see your timeline was fast like mine 8 years ago. In fact my timeline was slowed down as I was a former PR of Canada and since I was out of status I had to relinquish my PR status before my second application could proceed. It only added a week...
  15. aussiepete

    Aussies- QLD traffic history

    What part of Canada do you fellow Aussies live?
  16. aussiepete

    Havana, Cuba

    In English In a very rare move , the court annulled the marriage between a Quebec 65 Cuban and 29 years after the wife had shown, through Facebook, that the man had manipulated to immigrate to Canada. Now he may be sent home. The story begins like many others . Nicole ( fictitious name ), a...
  17. aussiepete

    Canadian who work and live in the US, can I sponsor my parents?

    Nope! You must submit proof of Canadian income.
  18. aussiepete

    my conjugal sponsored partner, married someone else! am i still responsible?

    How would it be fair for me and other tax payers to pay her welfare???? You sponsored her so deal with it!
  19. aussiepete

    Havana, Cuba

    How did you guys meet a Cuban wife's?
  20. aussiepete

    Can I enter Canada on tourist visa then activate IEC a week later?

    As an Australian Passport holder you will be able to enter Canada for 6 months without a visa. If you get a working visa you will have to leave Canada and re-enter to activate it. The problem you will run into is when you arrive in Canada without a work permit and tell them you have or are...