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    restoration of status times?

    hey, did you hear back on this?
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    Document to submit to an employer while under PGWP application.

    Hi, did you find out the answer? Can we work on expired SIN while waiting for PGWP?
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    Submitting additional financial proof after study permit application submission

    Oh okay, thanks for letting me know :) She already has a Canadian tourist visa. However, we will delay her trip if the study permit does not arrive before August just to be safe.
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    Submitting additional financial proof after study permit application submission

    I also had one more question: will submitting a webform with additional financial documents delay the results of her application? I am asking because she will be traveling to canada next month, so we don't want to end up delaying her study permit decision any further.
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    Submitting additional financial proof after study permit application submission

    Hey guys, my sister applied for a study permit back in May for September intake. Her university's tuition fees are $60,000 CAD every year (so $240,000 total for her 4 year program), but my parents only submitted documents indicating total savings of $100,000 CAD in the initial application during...
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    PGWP Refusal due to part time

    Hey, I also have multiple part time semesters due to similar reasons. Did your boyfriend end up getting a PGWP after trying again? I am so worried :(
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    PGWP Question: one semester part-time (Only one course missing)

    Hi aiiida, I am in the same situation as you with the part time semesters, and am trying to decide what to do. Did you apply for reconsideration online or at the border? and could you tell me whether you got approved or not?
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    Taking a 2 years diploma after completing a 4 years bachelor degree at a Canadian university!

    Hey, congrats! Let me know the decision on your PGWP application, hoping for good news for both of us
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    Going back to school after pgwp refusal

    Hey Youssef, did your PGWP get approved with part time semesters? If not, what did you end up doing? I am in the same situation as you and really worried about my options...
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    CEC BOWP with spouse

    Hey, I have part time studies and applied for PGWP (so I might get refused) and my husband will be applying for CEC PR. Did your wife get the BOWP and PR? It will really help to know as I am worried if my PGWP refusal will negatively impact PR application....
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    PGWP refusal (part time studies) - please help

    Hey, thank you for the link, I appreciate it! Just to confirm, are part time studies the same thing as an "authorized leave" though? Or are you saying that I can justify the part time studies for 2 semesters as being equivalent to an authorized leave? (also 2 semesters part time = 240 days...
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    PGWP refusal (part time studies) - please help

    For context on the part time semesters: I was doing really badly in one semester due to my medical issues. I went to the academic advisor, who told me I should request a withdrawal from some courses, and repeat them next year as a part time student so that my GPA is not affected. This made me...
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    PGWP refusal (part time studies) - please help

    Hi, I just completed a 4 year engineering program here in Canada, with my study permit expiring on 1 August 2022. Unfortunately, I studied part time in the middle because my academic advisor suggested it to me due to my medical issues at the time, but she didn't know the rules about PGWPs back...
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    PGWP issued for 1 year instead of 3 years

    Hey Yagna1998, I am in a similar situation and have a question: did you apply for a study permit extension to start the Sheridan course before your Humber study permit expired? Or did you apply for a brand new study permit from outside Canada for the second program? I also have a big gap...
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    Question about work in the gap between two programs

    Hey, if I already have a canadian bachelors (graduated may 2022) but want to pursue a masters degree starting january 2023, that is more than 150 days. In that case, can I extend my study permit? Or do I apply for a brand new study permit? and will I still be eligible for PGWP based on just the...
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    UG Diploma After bachelors

    Hey, did you get your study permit?
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    Can you apply for PGWP with second program after previous PGWP refusal?

    Thanks Scylla! I had a follow up question, my first Canadian program was a Bachelor's degree, but for the second one I am looking into 2 year Diplomas or Advanced Diplomas (since the deadline for most master's programs seems to have passed unfortunately). Do you think this would be a problem for...
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    Need Help! Applying PGWP but have more than one part-time semester?

    Hey besyzy, I also had to take some part time semesters due to health issues. Did your PGWP application end up being approved? I am so worried
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    PGWP refusal due to part-time

    Hey JapaneseInMB, how do you know that you're allowed to go part time due to medical conditions? I went part time and was approved by the faculty as well. Could you tell me which website or document mentions this rule, so that I could use it to help my PGWP application? Thanks!
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    My pgwp got refuse due not being full time a couple terms

    Hey Spawn517, I also had some part time semesters with my PGWP application. Did you end up getting an approval on your PGWP at the end? I am so worried