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    Is it okay if my sister pays my tuition fee?

    My sister and I are both students (on study permits) in Canada. I recently arrived in Canada and haven't opened a Canadian bank account yet. Would there be any issues if she pays my Fall term tuition fee?
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    Looking for a room near UBC (Vancouver)

    I am a second year CS major at UBC. Reply to this post/ DM me if you have anything available.
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    [UBC student] Looking for a room in Vancouver

    I am a second year CS major at UBC. Reply to this post/ DM me if you have anything available.
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    Do we require a covid plan from our university ?

    How can I describe my aunt's house in the quarantine plan? Their 1st floor is vacant and also has a separate bathroom.
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    Travelling to Canada from India

    I am an international student from India (currently in my second year and taking 1 Summer course) enrolled at a university in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and will be travelling to Canada for the first time. I have booked a flight for 1st August to Doha, Qatar where I will do the RTPCR test and then...
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    Fully vaccinated quarantine exemptions

    I see. They have a vacant room with a separate bathroom upstairs.
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    Fully vaccinated quarantine exemptions

    I am still confused about what should be written in the quarantine plan (I'm fully vaccinated). My relatives have a house in Brampton. Can I describe that in the quarantine plan or does it have to be a hotel?
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    Can I travel to Canada?

    My study permit was approved in 2020 but I haven't travelled to Canada yet. Been taking online classes since May 2020 and currently taking 1 Summer course. Am I eligible to travel to Canada now (assuming there's no flight ban) or do I have to wait until a few weeks before the Fall term?
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    Traveling with expire Medical.

    My status also changed to "Your document is valid" on 8th July. Got my medical redone on 25th June. The initial IRCC email said "If you pass your medical exam, you will receive another letter from IRCC advising you that may proceed with your travel plan to Canada.". Does this mean we have to...
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    Re-medical before re-medical request from IRCC

    Did your IRCC update look like this? Mine says "To book a medical examination, contact a panel physician directly " and it doesn't say anything about waiting for IME. Also it's been about 25 days and I haven't received any IME letter yet. The upfront medical services in my country are...
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    Which vaccine should I get (in India)?

    I will be moving to Canada in the Fall term. If I take Covishield in India, I will get the next dose after 84 days. So I will be taking a risk as there's a possibility it won't be available exactly after 84 days. Covaxin is not on the list of vaccines approved by Canada. What should I go for...
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    Counterfoil Document Invalid status

    I'm in the same boat as well. I heard panel physicians have stopped providing upfront medical exams in India. When I called my panel physician, they asked for an IME number. Were you able to book an appointment?
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    Dli changes

    Hey were you able to find an answer to this question?
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    Traveling with expire Medical.

    Did you have to submit any document/ webform after redoing the medical? And was your UCI/ counterfoil valid when you did the medical again?
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    Medical expired after visa was approved

    How do we check the status (valid/ invalid) of our counterfoil?
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    Traveling with expire Medical.

    When did you have the medical exam last time? It's valid for 12 months as per IRCC.
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    Medical expired after visa was approved

    Hey did you find any info on this?
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    Counterfoil invalid (expired medical)

    Where do you check if it's invalid?
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    Students whose medical expired (India)

    As per IRCC's new announcement, panel physicians have temporarily stopped providing "upfront" medical exams in India. Are those who already got study permit approval letters but whose medical results have expired also affected by this? Does the term "upfront" apply to us?