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    AAIP/AOS-related questions

    previous post secondary field of study outside of canada means ? i had done bachelours in back home and on that basis i am working as an assistant physiotherapist and had done 1 year post diploma course in Calgary and one certification course . but i am not working in the field in which i had...
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    any one here who applied for AOS and having PGWP status right now. do PG workpermit holder need to have job in same field in which they had done there pg . can any one help .
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    alberta AINP- question

    thanks for your reply
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    Alberta opportunity stream PGWP holders

    Hi all looking to apply for Alberta opportunity stream. bit confused if i can apply or not . had done PG in health and human services in alberta and working as an assistant physiotherapist (noc b) since 1 year . i got this job on the basis of the experience that i had at my home country. any...
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    AOS and AEE 2020

    in same situation not having job related to what i studied in alberta . did you receive any invitation
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    you were doing job in which you had done your pg course in alberta?
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    alberta AINP- question

    so you are working in the field job in which you had done your certification in alberta?
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    Alberta opportunity stream- PGWP holder

    same here its bit confusing whether to apply or not? i had done pg in health and human services management and working as an assistant physiotherapist since 1 year . igot this job from my home country experience and it is noc b
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    Alberta Opportunity Stream

    can you please help me
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    Alberta Opportunity Stream - January 2022 applicants

    hi guys my consultant is telling me that i am eligible for alberta opportunity stream i am on pgwp and i had done pg in health and human services and i am not doing job in that field .am i eligible for this programe . it seems that my consultant needs money from me .please help . thanks
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    Alberta Opportunity Stream

    yes i had done 2 certificate programe form bow valley college and working as an physiotherapist assistant for one year and back home i had 3 years of experience working as an physiotherapist . thankyou so much for your reply
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    Alberta Opportunity Stream

    hi guys need some help do we need LMIA to apply for Alberta opportunity stream
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    Alberta Accelerated Tech Pathway

    hi noc 3237- physiotherapy assistant crs score -374 ,2 year post graduation diploma from Calgary one year work exp as a physiotherapy assistant .3 year foreign work experience as an physiotherapist . any chances of getting selected in alberta pnp program .can any one please help me. i had...
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    To all members - READ FAQ BEFORE POSTING!!

    hi group members i am currently working as assistant physiotherapist and have 1 year work experience in calagary alberta . have postgraduation diploma certificate of 2 year . is there any change of me to get selected for AINP. waiting for reply ,thanks
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    Physiotherapy assistant

    did you apply for PR ?
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    Physiotherapy assistant

    my file is in the pool