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  1. YVR123

    Searching for job with dubai experience

    To get a closed work permit you have to find a job and an employer who is willing to apply for LMIA. (cost the employer 1000 Cnd and time to apply and get approval) The LMIA will show that they cannot find anyone in Canada that has your specific experience, skill and education to fit that...
  2. YVR123

    Searching for job with dubai experience

    No in any official IRCC or Canadian government site... It's likely scam sites.
  3. YVR123

    Lost PR Card, not meeting RO, Urgent Travel Requirement, PR Card renewal

    OK... I can see why you ask now... Even if your replacement card has a different expiry date, your RO is still from the day you interact with CBSA or IRCC (e.g. cross the border back to Canada). They look back 5 years from that day and so a different expiry date will not RESET your RO.
  4. YVR123

    change of expiry date on PR card, if lost !!

    As I said. I do not know the exact answer. Hopefully others can asnwer your question.
  5. YVR123

    change of expiry date on PR card, if lost !!

    I don't know exactly the answer. But regardless of the expiry date of the replacement PR card. CBSA can still check your RO when you entered back into Canada. (even if you cross the land border from US without a PR card, they can still check your RO)
  6. YVR123

    substitute to government-issued document from Canada

    conjugal isn't a very commonly used term.
  7. YVR123

    Tax regulations for a non-resident

    On top of tax issues and immigration law, security is a big issue. Also if you are using any equiment provided by your company (laptop, USB, any other devices) bringing them to another country can be a big security breach. Be honest to your employer before any move.
  8. YVR123

    Paternity Leave for new immigrants to Canada

    Why... Did you pay EI or QPIP premium on your pay cheques? (Highly unlikely that your US employer will pay Canadian EI/QPIP premiums) https://www.rqap.gouv.qc.ca/en/wage-earner/eligibility-conditions...
  9. YVR123

    TRV Refusal

    Yes. It's for all countries. And there is no time frame/limit. So it's any time in your life time. And I believe it's not limited to TRV. It's for any visa.
  10. YVR123

    How to I paid my work permit government Texas??

    Are you from the US? (this section of the forum) Are you working in Texas? I have no idea how to apply or how much is the cost of a work permit in Texas. Or are you looking into applying for a work permit in Canada?
  11. YVR123

    PGP 2021

    Then you applied for PGP 2020... not 2021
  12. YVR123

    pr card holder and still valid wants to return back to canada

    Your "PR" is valid until it's revoked. You are talking about your PR card expiry date. You can fly in with your PR card as long as it's before the expiry date. As posted above, you may or may not be reported if you do not meet RO. But you will be allowed in regardless.
  13. YVR123

    Some more about my details

    so what is your question? This is an immigration forum where people help each other on questions about immigration/visa application in Canada. There is no government official here. And there is no employers here as well. You need to have valid working status (work permits or become a PR) to work...
  14. YVR123

    Abnormal X-Ray?!

    The user you replied to posted only once in 2015. I doubt you will find out. And medical condition is case by case. So unless your wife has exactly the same condition, it's not going to be the same result.
  15. YVR123

    PGP 2021

    So you applied for 2020 PGP (I tho 2021 PGP didn't open for submission until late 2021) Unless you mean AOR jan 2022...
  16. YVR123

    Is there a fee for my common-law partner to apply for a work permit?

    Did he try to restore his status? He cannot apply for OWP if he's out of status until the inland application reach AIP. (some said it can be included on the paper based application putting a note on the application to process only after AIP) If he is still within 90days from his last status...
  17. YVR123

    Timeline Open Work Permit + Spouse Sponsorship

    If your wife has valid status in Canada (work, study permit or visitor), if you included OWP in your paper based application, OWP will be grant. Timeline is pretty hard to tell. It's best to look at the current trend in 2022 inland spousal sponsorship discussion and get an idea. If you...
  18. YVR123

    Conjugal Sponsorship | Co-Signer Eligibility (Form IMM1344e)

    You do not need a co-signer for a spousal sponsorship. The same form is used for many different immigration route. And co-sponsor only applies to a few specific sponsorship (e.g. parents and grand parents sponsorship where the spouse of the sponsor can help to contribute to the family income to...
  19. YVR123

    Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship 2019

    https://www.canada.ca/en/services/benefits/publicpensions/cpp/old-age-security/eligibility.html If you are living in Canada, you must: be 65 years old or older be a Canadian citizen or a legal resident at the time we approve your OAS pension application have resided in Canada for at least 10...
  20. YVR123

    20 photos to proof the relationship?

    How can you sponsor someone who you have not met in person? You cannot be in a common law relationship if you haven't been in person with her. You cannot be married if you haven't been in person with her. (proxy marriage is not recongized) So.... I failed to understand your question. Do you...