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    does an international student(indian) require a visiting visa for mexico?

    Hey guys, i am an Indian national studying in Canada, wondering if i am eligible to visit Mexico without a visit visa? I have heard that Mexico has a policy of visa on arrival. Please shed some light. Planning to visit there in August.
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    Am I allowed to do an internship in the summer without Co-op Work permit ?!

    Hey sorry I can't answer your question. But this has confused me a little bit. I have a study work permit, so since all the international students can work upto 20hrs a day, m I eligible to do a 40hr work week??
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    A SW-1 study visa?

    yes it's post graduate certification program , has to be a co-op .
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    A SW-1 study visa?

    Thanks for the info. My course is of one year, for which I read that I am eligible to apply for a 1 year full time work permit after the completion of my study.. What got me confused was the SW catogary..
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    A SW-1 study visa?

    Hey, I just revived my study permit, it's Catogary sw1, most friends for a 'S' visa... I did a bit of research and found that I have a study-work visa , my question is, with this am I eligible to apply for an work permit after the completion of my course?
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    Is it possible to get a US visitor visa for internation students on study permit

    Hey i was wondering if i could get a US visitor visa if i apply from canada, i am currently on study permit valid till 2018
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    Waiting for PASSPORT INSTRUCTIONS! Those who are waiting, share timeline here !

    guys from india, is the passport stamping done in bangalore?
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    Any online study visas approved in January so far?

    Submitted my passport today for stamping
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    Anybody who got visa approval under Non-Spp who applied last week of November..

    i suggest u talk with doctor u saw with.. its the first case m hearing of such sort... anyway, u can txt me on 8130120747... its not CIC its the doctor in my opinion. also u can write a mail or a letter(if u have offline) to the embassy.. i feel really bad for you cuz i know how it is to keep...
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    Today does anyone got any VISA from Delhi VFS or Online ??

    got my passport request yesterday, happy new year eveyone
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    Jan Session, Still no updates on visa

    i applied at sault clg.
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    Jan Session, Still no updates on visa

    relax brother. even i got my passport instructions yesterday. my classes are from the 9th too.. what u can do is contact your clg,uni and ask them for an extension. i contacted them and they were nice enough to give me a 2 week extension from my joining date
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    Today does anyone got any VISA from Delhi VFS or Online ??

    i applied on oct 16. via online.. i have no update but medical passed.. we have a group for ppl having the same situation. msg me on 8130120747 to be added on the group.