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  1. thefairy

    Spouse Sponsorship - Lima Office

    Through my personal experience the Lima office was very fast and efficient. However shortly after I got approved I heard their processing times had became longer...
  2. thefairy

    Sponsoring my Peruvian wife to Canada

    I got sponsored by my now common law under the conjugal partner category, sent everything on October 2008 and got approved the first week of march 2009, land on april the same year. No interview ir additional dcumentation required.
  3. thefairy

    Need Info. on Alberta

    Oops . I meant "leaving" not living.. Hate auto-spelling
  4. thefairy

    Need Info. on Alberta

    I have to disagree. I live in Calgary and it's beautiful but the economy isn't booming anymore. As a matter of fact more people is living Calgary and relocating to other provinces as the economic boom is gone, at least for now. I like the NW part of the city, not the NE so much.
  5. thefairy

    Warning: Airline checked baggage allowance CUT IN HALF to 1 suitcase!!!!

    What about within Canada flights? I just checked the wesjet website and it seems to be only for flights to the us...
  6. thefairy

    drug testing?

    Omg I so want to listen to bob Marley now..
  7. thefairy


    hello, We applied as conjugal partners in October 08 and got approved in February 2009. No interview or extra paperwork needed. Landed in april.
  8. thefairy

    need yours opinions about www.buynewpassports.com

    Cant believe it! Yeah think jail!
  9. thefairy

    young student sponsoring her peruvian fiance (soon to be husband)

    Just be patient. They can take between 2-3 weeks to make a decision on the trv. Good luck, hope he gets it!!
  10. thefairy

    young student sponsoring her peruvian fiance (soon to be husband)

    And saralune, as far as I know school records are not needed for marriage or sponsorship application, but if you want to submit them with the pr application for any particular reason and they ate not in English or French, they you may want to translate them. I will have to translate mine soon as...
  11. thefairy

    young student sponsoring her peruvian fiance (soon to be husband)

    Hi jstmarried! No, we never received anything from the embassy til the day they called me to go to the embassy for an answer, they never required any additional documents, or interview, did never request my passport since they had it at the office at the moment because I had also applied for a...
  12. thefairy

    young student sponsoring her peruvian fiance (soon to be husband)

    I hear you! It took me a good amount of time calling numbers from the yellow pages! But I'm thankful I found a good certified translator and with reasonable prices. You just need to spend good time looking and looking!!
  13. thefairy

    young student sponsoring her peruvian fiance (soon to be husband)

    thanks for all the info! I suppose getting married outside of Lima will always be more complicated since everything is so centralized in Lima. Arequipa is beautiful too, I think we should consider that city as well... Is in the route to cusco so it would make a great trip! By the way, I...
  14. thefairy

    young student sponsoring her peruvian fiance (soon to be husband)

    Hello, Application was processed through the Lima office as well. Although we filed as conjugal partners, not spouses. Everything went fine and I'm now here in Canada :) We are planning to get married next year in Peru though because that's where my family is. We are planning on getting married...
  15. thefairy

    citizenship certificate

    So we just received in the mail my daugthers certificate of canadian citizenship! yay! It took 11 months! My question is... it has a picture of her being only 1 week old (thats when we started the process) doesnt show any expiration date or so... is this something we will need to renew every...
  16. thefairy

    Pregnant and Wanting to Immigrate

    I'm sorry fir your situation , can't really give you much advice. Just wanted you to know you are a very courageous woman.
  17. thefairy

    My Daughter - Passport

    You can apply at the canadian embassy in russia for your daughters passport, however u do need to apply at the same time for a certificate of Canadian citizenship for her. They will issue a temporary passport valid for 1 year or 2. The citizenship certificate though can take several months.
  18. thefairy

    Temoprary Visa, best way for my fiancee

    No she doesn't.
  19. thefairy

    Mexico and the Czech Republic - TRVs now required for Canada

    I think its a consequence of so many fake refugee claims... the system has been abused. I know there are many illegal mexican immigrants in the US, probably Canada wants to prevent this as well. However I gotta admit they are very hard working people, and they dont really "expect" you to speak...
  20. thefairy

    PMM , could I return to canada after interview?

    You can try, but it will be up to the immigration officer at the port of entry to decide wether he let u pass or not. Even if u don't need a visa to Canada, everybody has to still convince the officer at port of entry. Good luck.