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  1. Romford

    UK or Canada ? PMM , qorax , Leon plz help

    Re: UK or Canada ? Thanks guys, Yes I am setteled here, working as Manager, but they say, Canada is good for life standard and for childrens, thats why I am confused. keep posting guys. thanks again
  2. Romford

    UK or Canada ? PMM , qorax , Leon plz help

    Hi, I am British Pakistani and have got Canadian PR. The question is to decide where to live? All those with Canadian experience and seniors could you please share some thoughts and experience. Thanks alot in advance
  3. Romford

    Passport changed from .. Pakistani to British

    Hi all, I got my Canadian PR on Pakistani passport and landed in October 2010 received my Card and returned to UK and now go British Passport. I will be leaving for Canada in 2013 to stary 1080 days and get Canadian PP. My question is do i need to do any thing like informing them about British...
  4. Romford

    Urgent---London CHC PPR query

    Hi, This is good news, but you have to submit new police certificate. I think drop box is for people living in London, not very sure, but yes you can use it. I submitted passport through special delivery.
  5. Romford

    CHC ISLAMABAD medicals done waiting for PPR.

    This is more of a generic reply, you will get case specific reply soon.
  6. Romford

    LANDING IN CANADA ??? -All You Need To Know.

    I landed on 4th Oct 10 and used family friends address, so far they have not received my PR card :(.
  7. Romford

    Enough survival jobs in Toronto & GTA

    Once again excellent information from seniors. explorer101 and Qorax I would like to request to give us more information like House or condo to rent? How much would be the rent? What about mobile connection, which one is the best? Any idea about buying car etc Which bank and what type of bank...
  8. Romford

    Baby born outside Canada to PR holder

    thanx for info. problem is my wife has to finish her stuides in 2 years time which mean we have no choice but to stay in UK. I know that baby born in canada will be canadian, and that one need to sponsor family member from within canada but problem is, how can we leave new born here and sponsor...
  9. Romford

    Baby born outside Canada to PR holder

    Hi, First of all thanks for taking time and reading. We recently completed our landing as PR and returened to UK after couple of weeks. question is if we have a new baby born in UK and later when we move to Canada how would the baby go with us (witout PRCard)? thanx again
  10. Romford

    LANDING IN CANADA ??? -All You Need To Know.

    Shinygirl, All jewellary photos and list was mentioned on goods to follow list. we never took them with us.
  11. Romford

    LANDING IN CANADA ??? -All You Need To Know.

    Assalam o Alaikum, I am very thankful to Allah (SWT) that today I am sharing our landing experience. We took Air Transit (Thomas cook) flight from London. Will not recommend as there is almost no leg space and we asked if we can get seat next to exit for which they asked £39 per person one way...
  12. Romford

    Query Regarding Transcript

    hi, other documents should be notorized but transcripts must be original so yes MUST send them
  13. Romford

    LANDING IN CANADA ??? -All You Need To Know.

    Hi Qorax, We sent our original transcripts with full documents, got visa but no transcripts any idea or experience please Regards,
  14. Romford

    Landed Immigrants: Share Landing, Job hunt, house hunt & other experience

    Hi Satish_lkb Canadian PR is a visa on YOUR passport, you need visa to enter any other country as normal unless if your country is visa free entry to US/other countries. ta
  15. Romford

    Passport request?

    in our case Email (London based)
  16. Romford

    LANDING IN CANADA ??? -All You Need To Know.

    Hello Qorax, after landing and getting PR Card, if we return to London and have a baby, what would we need to do to add new born outside Canada, so re-entry is smoth for us. Regards
  17. Romford

    Help with CAIPS NOTES..... PHEP

    PHEP means Passport Height Eye Photos in other words they asked for all above four, I got visa stamped now, planning to land first week of Oct, 10.