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    Ray of Hope - 150th Draw - CEC

    Purpose of the post is not to argue. Just to be of help to someone who has a option and has to decide. The CRS scores have gradually gone up since late 2017. During the 60 days I waited on FSW draws the scores did not come below 440( the lowest score oinp invited). After that i have followed...
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    Ray of Hope - 150th Draw - CEC

    As someone who has gone through this stream (HCP), OINP Ontario seems to have a window into CRS scores FSW draw or range of scores. Usually they conduct draws in the lower range of future FSW draws. But i can't believe next FSW draw could be at 501 CRS. January 2018: Retake IELTS, create account...
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    Ray of Hope - 149th Draw - CEC

    Did you use the email address on this page: they say they r responding by email. You can always wait for last day to submit they should open early June as everything is getting back to normal. If your deadline is before add the webpage and later email them with the...
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    Ray of Hope - 149th Draw - CEC

    Most institutions have online portal where you can order additional TRFs I had emailed the institution when i had this issue You can go the route of just webpage and LOE but they will loopback with incomplete application...
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    Ray of Hope - 147th Draw - CEC

    By Almighty's Grace I am in Canada. Have a long story but landed in August 2019.
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    Ray of Hope - 147th Draw - CEC

    As someone who has gone through OINP Ontario seems to have a window into CRS scores FSW draw or range of scores. January 2018: Retake IELTS, create account immediately get NoI from oinp. Don't want to take Ontario path as my CRS is 436 and EE draws are running 441-445. April 2018: Reluctantly...
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    March OINP details and discussion..

    What would you like to know about the OINP process? Did you receive and NOI?
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    Ray of Hope - 147th Draw - CEC

    A lot will depend on who wins the election in November. Anyone I know who is realistic on OPT/h1b and considers Canada as an option has already written IELTS. Which means a lot of folks like the ones in the article have already used and abused the Canada route since 2016. Those hired by Indian...
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    Ontario PNP (OINP) 2020 Discussion Join Here

    Having gone through the process myself let me give you some insight. Couple of years back I had 436 when I created profile and the draw was 440. I got oinp but decided will wait. 5-6 more draws happened after the invite but score did not come below 440 even sometimes dates changing on same...
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    I am stuck at Eligibility Review Required.. Need Help

    I was stuck in review required from October 2018-June 2019 (August 2018 AOR). I had called and talked with agents and they said no more documents required even though I kept asking and they said they can raise a query with the office handling every 2 months as they file had crossed 9 months...
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    continue problem with call cic

    It's all about timing, try early in the morning first thing. And avoid peak days like Friday.
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    Job Search Case Study in Canada

    I could not find a thread on this but I wanted to post my experience of job search after landing on express entry so it can be helpful for those planning job search in Canada. I will use acronyms where possible. Even though this is a true story although all resemblances are coincidental...
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    August 2018 AOR - join here

    It will get updated just hang in there. Will take some time to update but will eventually update it will
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    Urgent - Visa Office change request after PPR

    Thanks Andygill. I had emailed them yesterday stating the urgency as 7 of the 30 days passed and they responded by asking me submit passport to the closest VFS. Will post a longer stand alone thread for future applicants once COPR comes through. We are all good by the grace of God.
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    Urgent - Visa Office change request after PPR

    I still do not have a response from ottawa. Last Friday I emailed New Delhi and they haven't responded as well. Yesterday I emailed bangaluru and got this as response within a few hours: " This is in response to your recent enquiry to the Immigration Section of the Consulate General of Canada in...
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    Urgent - Visa Office change request after PPR

    I got Ready for Visa email from Ottawa. I am currently in India so emailed the email address they asked for instructions to send it to a different Visa office. Any idea how much time they take to respond with the instructions? Its already been a week
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    Received the Golden Email : But I have a Problem

    Did you end up getting a response from CIC soon
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    August 2018 AOR - join here

    They may have moved your file to vancouver VO as load management (somtimes if one VO is overwhelmed they move the case to other VOs). Hopefully this VO is quicker. Al the best
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    Getting PR Visa using CELPIP score

    Please refer to this post in the forum