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    PGP submitting additional docs via email

    Hello, I got an additional document request from IRCC. We collected the documents, and submitted by email (to IRCC.CPCMParentsandGrandparents-Parentsetgrands-parentsCTDM.IRCC@cic.gc.ca). Does anyone has experience submitting via email? Is it reliable, or should we also submit an additional copy...
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    Question about translations

    Hello, I am in processing of translating several documents in Chinese to English. I have looked on https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/corporate/publications-manuals/operational-bulletins-manuals/refugee-protection/removal-risk-assessment/translation.html My question is...
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    Hukou request for PGP

    Hello, I am sponsoring my mother through PGP. We have given medicals, biometrics, and all the applicable PCC. My notarial certificate of birth (which contained both my parents' names), issued by a Chinese notary office, was submitted when we applied. However, we have received a letter from...
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    IRCC Portal issue

    Hello, my parents and me hired a representative for their PGP application. The representative is now unable to access his own representative portal, and has filed complaints with IRCC, but received no answer. Since the deadline is not far, he suggested my parents create a portal, submit through...
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    Work related travel outside Canada

    Hello, I got invited to apply for PGP this year. I haven't applied yet, but will be in Canada when I'll apply. I am a PR, who travels a lot for work related purposes (I can get letters from both my department chair, and the receiving institution), including internationally, for some ~3 months...
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    PGP PCC timeline

    Hello, from your experiences, what is the timeline between submitting the PGP application and receiving the PCC requests? How much time is generally given to provide such PCC? All I could find about PCC for PGP is something like "PCC are not requested at the time of the application"... Thanks!
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    PGP Police Certificates

    Hello, I got invited to sponsor my parents this year. Haven't submitted yet. I'd wish to ask about police certificates required for my parents: they were born in China, and lived there until early 30s, and visited several times after (but none of these visits is 6+ months long) they lived in...
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    OHIP residency requirement first 183 days

    Hi, I moved from Quebec to Ontario on Jan 1 2018. My RAMQ card expired on Dec 31 2017 (I was on work permit). My residence in Ontario started on Jan 1 2018, and the OHIP will kick in on April 1. I am unsure if I am subject to the requirement of 153 out of 183 days after immediately settling in...
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    Implied status after PPR

    Hi, I am currently on closed WP (LMIA exempt, non IEC) expiring on Dec. 31. I have applied for BOWP and PR (CEC inland), and received PPR on Dec 12. My questions: 1. I applied my BOWP on Oct. 19, but saw processing time was updated on Dec. 10 to "50 days, processing applications received on...