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  1. Johnsnow 007

    HIV positive study permit

    Hello Viasta, What you can do is make plans to defer your admission. Your application will not be rushed to be finalized. When did you submit your application and from where did you apply? – JS
  2. Johnsnow 007

    SP Approved for 1 Yr Course, wants to change to 2 Years

    Hello Journey1712, Save yourself the rest by continuing the one-year program. You can always apply to study a second one-year program and still be eligible for a 3-year post-graduation work permit if that is the aim. – JS
  3. Johnsnow 007

    Conditional masters admission for September 2022 intake, Study permit query

    Hello DShome, This is no issue, go ahead with your application with the conditional offer letter. The IRCC and CBSA officer understand these things. What you need to do is point it to the attention of the officer in your study plan likewise only talk about it or present the unconditional...
  4. Johnsnow 007

    Procedural Fairness (Forgot to mention about previous refusal)

    Hello Scylla, If a decision has been reached on the application, which seems so for the moniker, withdrawing the application may not be honoured especially after a medical request. As you have rightly advised him before to send a webform. There will be no harm to attach the correctly filled...
  5. Johnsnow 007

    Application payment

    Good. My best wishes! – JS
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    Student visa after 8 years gap

    Hello Greeny786, Sorry to read about the outcome of your application. If you file for reconsideration and don't receive further instruction from IRCC within 10 days, consider saving time and start repackaging your application again. – JS
  7. Johnsnow 007

    Procedural Fairness (Forgot to mention about previous refusal)

    Hello MesopotamiaSon, October 18th is a long time ago. At this point withdrawing your application is not the way to go as you may not be able to if an eligibility review has started or a final decision is about to be made on the application. This situation is not new to me. Given the duration...
  8. Johnsnow 007

    HIV positive applying to study in Canada

    Hello Qtbh1995, Your status does not make you inadmissible to study in Canada, especially when it is undetectable in your viral. Try to show (budget) sufficient funds between CAD 7,000 – CAD 21,000 to meet your health care needs and as a demonstration that you will not be a liability to the...
  9. Johnsnow 007

    Application payment

    Hello MiraNelo, I learned that most Nigerian banks have increased their dollar spending limit to $200 or $300. If your card can't be charged for the payment, you can use a Barter Visual Dollar Card by Flutterwave or a Domiciliary Card to make the payment. I will advise that you don't use a...
  10. Johnsnow 007

    Skeptical about study permit and my situation

    Hello Vycanis, There is not much difference between a PGC and PGD. The difference tends to be the duration of the study. They both are a post-university certificate program and well-suited for industry professionals. Reading through your profile, I see that you have a pure and strong academic...
  11. Johnsnow 007

    Low Academics? GAP ? SDS/General Canada Student Visa

    Hello Shivam2423, It will be better if you don't be in haste to reapply. According to your post, your grades are low and could contribute to your woes – not sure because there is little to no relevant information provided to place a 'presumed assessment" of your situation. If you have your...
  12. Johnsnow 007

    Winter 2022 Intake Study permit delay.

    Hello Dannymadu, Usually, it could take 24 hours to 72 hours to get a follow-up update. But recently, it takes more due to the slow pace of IRCC. The most recent case I saw took up to 4 weeks for final decision advice to be received. Stay hopeful! – JS
  13. Johnsnow 007

    Less marks in maths (46)

    Hello Harprtcan, This should not be an issue. It also boils down to the program you are applying to or the prospective course of study. Admission requirements vary from program to program and department to department. I am not part of the graduate selection committee but you should be fine...
  14. Johnsnow 007

    Which is Best for Immigration Purpose: A Corporate or Savings Bank Account?

    Hello Simba112, In a public forum, it is right to always be cautious of the words that are used. Using "to lure or trick..." was inappropriate. For the record, it matters. It is highly not advised that an applicant use a company account as the primary proof of funds or to demonstrate...
  15. Johnsnow 007

    Which is Best for Immigration Purpose: A Corporate or Savings Bank Account?

    Which is Best for Immigration Purpose: A Corporate or Savings Bank Account? The corporate account gives an advantage in terms of home ties from an economic aspect. When the corporate account is active with good inflows and/or closing balance, it helps the officer have adequate understanding...
  16. Johnsnow 007

    Letter of acceptance

    Hello Feedingspree, Your minor child is under 7 years and is exempted from given biometrics. Read more on Canada.ca. – JS
  17. Johnsnow 007

    Extend my student status - New case

    Hello Ramseriv, You need a valid acceptance letter to be able to extend your study permit. It is possible. However, you have to explain the situation to IRCC so the officer can easily understand you. Clicking the link cic.gc.ca to find out more information on how to extend your study permit. – JS
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    Hello RumezaJ, Yes, there is still a possibility. – JS
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    Hello Gillz888, It seems this is the new norm of IRCC. Your case makes it the fourth I have come across online. The first applicant case has been 12 days without a Confirmation of Online Application Transmission and Confirmation of Submission notification. If you have login into your GcKey to...
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    Hello Mustafa_1996, It seems that you applied late. If you didn't defer your admission, and if you are taking online classes already, hope you checked with your DLI on their refund policy? If not do so to help you plan accordingly. You have to be patient as your application is still within the...