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    Help Needed: Filling The Form Imm5444 For Permanent Resident Card Renewal

    Hi Guys, As you all have filed your application, I need some urgent help in filling the form Imm5444 In question number 20, where they have asked the work and education history, so if I was employed for any duration, do I just need to give the name of the employer or even address too? When I...
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    Is my child going to be a Canadian citizen?

    Hi, I am a citizen of Canada and my wife is a PR. We are expecting our first child in June. As we have no support here during this time, I am planning to send my wife to India for this. My question is Is my child would be a Canadian citizen by birth? What process do we need to follow to...
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    How to apply for GCMS notes step by step full information

    Hello all, I do see people repeatedly get confused or ask questions about applying GCMS notes. Although the information is easily available, people do struggle, hence I have prepared this video where I have shown step by step instructions to do the same How to apply GCMS notes step by step
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    Parent sponsorship 2019 help

    Hey guys, Can someone who came to Canada in 2018, and earning well above 70000 cad per year, sponsor his parents? He can not provide tax documents for past 3 years as he was not here. Please help
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    Police clearance certificate for Canada Immigration

    Hello Guys, To help you all, I have prepared this video about police clearance certificates for Canada Immigration. I have also covered common questions about this
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    Super visa vs Parent and grandparents sponsorship

    Hello, In order to help you all, I have created this video with the comparison of super visa with sponsorship of parent and grandparents
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    Step by Step Instructions to fill up Citizenship Application Forms

    Hi Friends, In order to help you, I have created this. Watch this as I have explained in details how to fill up forms step by step with full information
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    Step by Step applying the GCMS NOTES

    Hello, Please find the step by step instructions to apply the GCMS notes
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    Apply GCMS notes step by step video instructions

    Hello, In this video, I have explained the process of applying GCMS notes step by step
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    Spouse Sponsorship outside Canada Step By Step explanation

    Guys, I have explained the whole process and filling the forms in details here.
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    Step by Step Filling the citizenship forms

    Hello Guys, In this video, I have explained how to fill up the forms in details step by step
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    Work Permit For a Visitor

    Dear Seniors, I have a question for you. My wife's PR application is in process in India. I got a trv approved for her for 10 years. How can I get a work permit for her once she arrives in Canada? As he wants to work here rather than sitting at home and waiting for PR.
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    Visitor Visa Refused before PR

    Hello Friends, I have a query which I want to get clarification. I was married in the month of Jan 2016. After the marriage, I wanted to reunite with my wife quickly, so while we were preparing her PR sponsorship application, we applied for her TRV. This TRV was refused after 3 weeks. We have...
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    Urgent Help: Sponsor Address Change

    Dear Members, I am in need of urgent suggestions. I filed my wife's sponsorship application on 8th April. I got AOR 1 yesterday. Now, due to some urgent issues (my kitchen roof collapsed), I had been moved to a different apartment which changed my (Sponsor's) Address. So, do I need to update...
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    Confusion in Printing

    Dear All, I have a question. While taking the prints of my spousal application, should I print on both sides of papers, or only one side. Please help. Thanks,
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    identity and civil documents-- An important Question

    Dear Friends, I have a question. For IDENTITY AND CIVIL STATUS DOCUMENTS, it says If the birth is registered late, include the original baptism certificate and other original documents establishing identity such as: •old school records (Fifth class, Middle standard and Matriculation...
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    visit Spouse After First AOR

    Dear Friends, I am about to file my Spouse Sponsorship. My wife is in India, so I have a question "Can I visit her for few months after I get first AOR? Will it affect my application?" Thanks,
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    Hi All, I have a question abut SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION FORM - DELHI. if i see the form there are two places, one at the top, next is file number and then date. At the bottom, I see name and signature. Should my spouse write her name and date on the top fields also, or it is for official...
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    Work Permit- Spouse Sponsorship

    Dear All, I need your help. I am about to file Spouse Sponsorship for my wife who lives in India (I married last month). However, she will be applying for TRV in July as she will get an invitation to appear for an exam conducted by PEBC (Pharmacy Evaluation Board of Canada). The question is...
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    Very Urgent Help Needed--Visitor Visa

    Dear Members, I have an urgent query. My spouse lives in India (Married last month), I am in process of applying her PR through Spouse Sponsorship. However, she is a pharmacist, and she has got a letter from PEBC (Pharmacy Evaluation Board of Canada) inviting her to come to Canada to appear...