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    Biometrics Update on the Profile after Exemption

    Hi Folks, The biometrics section says "Fingerprints not provided. Please check your message". Did anyone get an update on the "Biometrics" section on your profile, after the biometrics exemption? Lets track here.
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    India PCC from Toronto

    Hey all, Did anyone tried applying for Indian PCC now? The Consulate and BLS is not accepting walk-in applications and they accept only via postal. But the procedures mentioned in the website are not clear. Did anyone apply through postal? Help pls. Thanks, Amala
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    CEC ITA received before completing a year

    Hi All, I have 2 weeks more to complete a year of experience in Canada. But I received ITA today under CEC and have 60 days to submit it. Should I accept it or decline it? Are the criteria checked at the time of receiving ITA or submitting the documents? I know this is been discussed so many...
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    Regular Full time vs Permanent Full time

    Hi everyone, I received an employment verification letter that states I am a "Regular full time" employee. Does it mean "permanent full time"? And there is no end date in the job offer letter I received when I joined. When asked the HR for the statement "at least a year job confirmation...
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    Noc review plsss!!!

    Hi all, Can anyone please review and tell me if the below duties match NOC-2175? Thanks!!! Responsible for the delivery of an exceptional online customer experience along with diving deep into the details of business, operations and engineering Integrate the web services code and build...
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    Toronto IELTS dec 8 computer based

    Hi everyone, anyone here appeared for ielts dec 8th? Let’s share the answers.
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    Valid Job Offer Explanation

    Hi All, I received a job offer under a positive LMIA in Feb 2019. And I have been working since then already in Canada. In the job offer received, there is no end date provided. But the following lines are stated. "You must provide proof of valid work authorization upon the commencement of...
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    Anybody who appeared for IELTS - Computer Delivered on Nov 17, 2019? Please post the answers here, if you can recollect. Thanks!!