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    ******March 2021 AOR********

    Thank you sir for your reply.
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    ******March 2021 AOR********

    Thanks. NOC 6211. Not an essential worker
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    ******March 2021 AOR********

    Got email for PR Confirmation portal. CEC applicant with 1 inland dependant. Here is my timeline- ITA - 7 Jan 2021 (Received before completing 1 year for CEC applicant. 1 year completed in end of February) Medical - 28 Feb 2021 AOR - March 3, 2021 Biometrics - March 8 2021 (updated from previous...
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    Will Canadian experience be valid?

    Your work permit is valid till the printed date. Check IRCCs twitter handle since they have responded to this question. You should be okay unless you kept working after your work permit expiry
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    IELTS TRF lost post ITA

    It is not mandatory to provide ielts trf scanned copy for pr applications. The trf number and dates you fill out enables ircc to fetch your score directly. People often attach it as an additional measure but it is not necessary. Just make sure you submit the score in profile that is valid while...
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    SOWP holder has to stop working between spouse's graduation and first job?

    Is this true? Your response may have just saved me a lot of thinking and effort. You are saying, if a study permit holder has a part-time job, once they graduate, they can use 3 pay stubs from that part-time, provided it is in NOC A, B or 0, and apply for PGWP and spouse OWP extension together...
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    PGWP and SOWP extension together

    Would you mind sharing what you ended up doing?
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    PGWP + SOWP extension - Apporved

    Did you also apply for PGWP and SOWP extension together or you waited for 3 pay slips and then applied for SOWP.
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    CEC Applicants - AOR Feb 2021 **Join Here**

    https://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/threads/the-anatomy-of-a-background-check-in-depth-analysis.500146/ You can read here about what happens in BGC
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    CEC or EE

    Yes. If you mark your dependants as accompanying, you PR would be processed together. In this case, points get jointly calculated. It does not matter if they are here with you or outside. They can still be processed under a single application. If you mark them as non accompanying, you have to...
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    COPR approval on portal but no COPR email letter. How long to wait?

    I remember reading in another thread that people who were in a similar circumstance updated their email address and it showed up. But I dont remember was it for people who had applied themselves or through a representative. Might be worth searching on the forum
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    Pcc clarification

    Marriage certificate should be okay, no need to apply for a new passport. Details are given on the first section of the checklist on BLS
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    Thread for CEC Applicants with AOR March 2021

    There are already two active threads. It will be beneficial for all if we keep it to a single thread
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    Canadian experience class(CEC) join here for March 2021 application

    There is no expiry date on a PCC. It should just have been after you last stayed there for more than 6 months
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    India PCC from Toronto

    Fill your parent's address in permanent address and attach their address proof such as an aadhaar.
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    Entering the pool early - Pre 1560hrs

    Nope. You are good. Hours need to be completed when you get ITA, you can enter the pool anytime
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    INDIA PCC - please help me in understanding

    Fill the address where you parents live. If it is different from passport, provide address proof of you parents or yours for that particular address. This is not like the passport police verification, slightly different
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    India PCC from Toronto

    I just received my wife's PCC and it clearly states that she is married and has my name in it. So that is the typical format and IRCC would be aware of it as well. If this information is not on your PCC, it might lead to misrepresentation.