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    What will happen with my two years as a TW?

    Correct. Only PR time counts.
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    One issue during citizenship interview

    I'm confused how holding a valid visa is different from retaining citizenship of another country??? You can go back anytime?
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    Can i use my A.K.A name in applying for citizenship?

    Use your own head. What would a skeptical officer look for? Don't be surprised if they send you fingerprint requests to figure out your identity and do a long non-routine background check. Remember, when you get fingerprint request it becomes non-routine. If you really like to change your...
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    how i contact cic calgary if i am abroad for my oath ceremony to reschedule

    I recommend not to take any chances. They may give you RQ if you have suspicious activities. I suggest you look online on ecas regarding when your oath is and make sure you are in the country at that time.
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    Apply Citizenship now or wait

    I recommend a adding a 2 week buffer
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    Physical Presence Conundrum

    Also consider thinking long term... because nothing ever stays the same. E.g. for the first year, you may be out of the country for more than 6 months..... but things change and circumstances change... who knows, in second year, you may start to stay for longer and third year you may not even...
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    Physical Presence Conundrum

    It's actually very easy work if your intention was to move to Canada permanently and settle. You won't even need to travel out of the country! ;)
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    Physical Presence Conundrum

    You wont be eligible for citizenship as per your background. You need to be domiciled in Canada and living here. Are you paying and filing taxes in Canada? Do you have a house/home? Is your business a Canadian business? Why does you need to be out of the country for more than 6 months in a year...
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    how to send an email to cic to enquire if application received

    You just need to call them. If you call them now the automatically telephone systems said they were processing applications received in June. So if you sent it in June or after, your application is still in the queue. Also check your tracking number with your courier to see if it was received.
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    Can i use my A.K.A name in applying for citizenship?

    Don't change the name I had a slight modification in my name and now I got a fingerprint request and still waiting Change the name after you finish the process, if you like.
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    Need to travel to India immediately after Citizenship Oath

    What about applying for a India visa \on your canadian passport?
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    Urgent Q-Related to Days of Residence

    You will get RQ'd. Also under the new laws it wont be even allowed.
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    ECAS is not working?

    seems to be down again right now
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    Planning to Miss Citizenship Test - Edmonton

    Dont skip the test man......... they put you on back of the queue and you would wait many more months.... Do the change fee. Its once in a lifetime investment
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    ECAS is not working?

    The ECAS website appears to be down? It's very very slow and it doesn't seem to be working for me. Anyone else with same issues? (Monday 11AM EST)
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    Language Proficiency failed

    What exactly do you mean rail language proficiency. Was this a seperate test? Or was it because the spoken English in the interview was very bad??
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    did local office do background check again?

    Yes because after my file got sent to mississauga, I got a finger print request. So local office will do more work.
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    February 2014 Citizenship Applicantions

    This is great. Congrats. Can you comment on the extra docs they requested in the RQ? Did you have a lot of travel? What did you think was the hardest question asked in the interview?
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    Citizenship test at Glen Erin Mississauga next week..tips on interview

    Just the attitude of the US officers at the US border when going into the USA... overall unfriendly chaps... have you not experienced it before?