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    Open work permit Under Public Policy Timelines

    Hello I am applying for the work permit extension. What letter do I need to attach with this? You include in your application that you’re applying for an open work permit under this public policy. Acc to this scenario
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    Application Reopened After Refusal

    I am alos in similar situation. can you please tell whats your status now
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    Application Reopened After Refusal

    Hi I am in same situation like you. Can you please tell what happens next.
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    CEC from Quebec, and May I Apply for a Bridging Open Work Permit

    Hello Guys I am also in bit weird situation like this. I had applied for CSQ long time back. which I had received in the month of April,2020. I had applied for Express entry in MArch2020, but in August 2020, I got a rejection because of incompletion of documents. I have filled a web form...
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    HI I had got the invitation in April. But I got a reply they refused my file. I have filled up a web form. Do you know how may days does it take to reply to web form.
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    IT Consultant with 2 years of Experience of working in Canada, via incorporation not as employee

    I am paying all the TAX for my incorporation as well as personal for Canada since last 2 years. Will my experience be counted for express entry? if yes, what are the documentation required to prove my experience?