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    OK...now what? CoPR complete!

    I also thought they wouldn't send to a US address, but I asked multiple times, and the agent said it would be sent. I crossed at the Maine border.
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    OK...now what? CoPR complete!

    I did my soft landing this weekend at a US land border. I was told I am now a PR and I will receive my PR card in the mail at my US address on file and to notify them to update my address once I have permanent housing in Canada. Your PR process is complete. Congrats.
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    Goods to Follow List- How much detail?

    Thank you! Also, for estimating $ value, did you go by what it could be sold for used?
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    Goods to Follow List- How much detail?

    How detailed does the "Goods to Follow" list need to be? Can I just write "furniture" with a $$ value or do I need to itemize each individual piece of furniture? I plan to itemize electronics, jewelry, and anything with a serial number. I will be moving a 3 bedroom house in a Uhaul and want to...
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    Cross Border Financial Planners

    Hi, Does anyone have recommendations for cross-border US/CAN financial planners? I'm a US citizen that will be PR in Canada.
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    Is a Dual Canadian Citizen(Canada and USA) allowed to enter the US with a Canadian Passport

    Hi, My spouse is a dual citizen and entered the US in September using his expired US passport at a land border crossing. He called the border crossing before travel and confirmed it was okay to cross with the expired passport. I would recommend calling the border crossing if you intend to drive.
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    Received COPR- Need to visit Canada on short trip, not ready to formally land

    Hi, I received my COPR and currently live in US. I need to make a short trip to Canada to look for housing, but I am not ready to formally land. I don't have my list of goods to follow prepared and am not ready to do the import/export on my car. Can I just visit Canada without doing my landing...
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    OCTOBER 2020 OUTLAND Spousal Sponsorship

    Thanks! That is my understanding of the process as well. I agree it seems overly complicated. I guess I will follow the process and trust it all works out.
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    OCTOBER 2020 OUTLAND Spousal Sponsorship

    Congrats! I got PPR as well. I am confused about how to submit a copy of my passport though. Did you send through VFS? Is that required? I only need to send a photocopy.
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    *** September 2020 - Outland Spousal (Family Class) Sponsorship ***

    Hi, I received PPR, but I am confused about how to submit. I only need to submit a passport copy. Did you have to send through the VFS service or is that only for sending an actual passport?
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    Passport Request- Visa Exempt Country

    Hi, I received PPR last week and I am confused about next steps. I am from a visa exempt country, so I only need to send a photocopy of my passport. Am I still required to submit my documents and photos using the VSF Global service?
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    OCTOBER 2020 OUTLAND Spousal Sponsorship

    My sponsor just got offered a new position at his same company. Does he need to inform IRCC? If so, should he send his offer letter?
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    Application to Sponsor- What is an offense under an act of Parliament?

    On form imm 1344 question 18, my sponsor answered "no" to the question, "Have you been charged with an offense under an act of parliament punishable by a maximum term of imprisonment of at least ten years." 20 years ago he was charged in the USA for driving with a suspended license. The...