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    My Job Hunt Story

    Hi, Thank you for sharing...it's good to hear these positive outcomes. All the best to you and your family.
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    Software Testing jobs in Canada - 2017/2018

    Hi, Use Indeed.ca. Google software testing jobs in Canada. Or application testing jobs in Canada or something to that effect. All the best
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    Lets connect

    Hi, Happy Holidays. Sorry to hear about your situation. I really do hope it gets better....the new year is for new beginnings (new/great job etc.and things to go up from here). I am migrating to Toronto in late March 2018/early April 2018- so I won't be able to meet very soon. I have read on...
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    Immigrating to ALBERTA

    Hi, I think one of the main reason is because Alberta is in a downturn because of the oil crisis/low price of oil currently. During 2015/2016 this resulted in a lot of persons being laid off, some persons leaving Alberta for other provinces or going back to their home country because they...
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    Re: Job Opportunity for HR professional

    Hi, You should checkout INDEED which is an job site. it shows you the type of jobs available in your field and what experience and qualifications they are asking for. You can also search for HR/ training and development jobs by Province/ City or just search Canada - e.g. HR jobs in Toronto/HR...
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    Leaving the country after final approval

    I think you need to land either before the medical or permanent resident visa date in the passport. ( the visa date is normally aligned with when the medical is passed by CIC).
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    IMG in Canada : How are you surviving?

    Hi One Chance, Sorry to hear about your current situation. Can you provide some more details for why you are at this crossroads- what's the difficulty? What field/profession are you in? Having gotten through with EE last year May 2016, I decided to just do a 'soft landing' and return to my...
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    Landed today.

    Thanks for sharing. All the best
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    Online Certifications and Courses for Marketing Professionals

    Hi, What you can do is google marketing jobs in Canada and then select the different jobs that comes up and see what kind of qualifications are required. The best job site is indeed.ca. In a competitive market where most persons have MBA, I believe certifications can give you an advantage...
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    CFA designation

    Hi, I don't think WES assesses CFA. However, I think you would receive more feedback if you make an entrance on the Express Entry side of the forum. That sections gets more views than this side. All the best.
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    Which province is better for Electrical Engineers?

    Hi, For education assessment i think you can use WES....the turn around time was fast when i did mine. All the best
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    Skill to improve/learn before moving to Canada ?

    Hi, Maybe you could do an international certification in networking to go with your experience. Make sure that the certification is recognized like CISA. All the best.
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    NEW PR Applicants from JAMAICA>>>> lets connect here!!

    Hi, Guys there is a Jamaica Thread already which would provide a lot of info as you proceed through the process. So may be it would be good if we continue with the other thread. All the best with your applications. Regards
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    Express Entry Applicants from Jamaica

    I enjoyed reading your post. Congrats and all the best....keep warm
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    Express entry applicant from Jamaica

    I used WES. I sent my transcript from Utech and UWI to WES and i got back the assessed results in about two and a half (2.5 ) weeks. But thàt was in 2015 ( August 2015). I don't know if the turn around time for WES have reduced or increased since then. All the best.
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    I got PR earlier in the year (june 2016) and i landed in October 2016 (last month) and returned to my home country. We became common law in January 2016 so January 2017 will make 1 year.
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    Hi, I have received the PR already....got it earlier this year.
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    Hi, On the same topic. If I recently for my PR through Express Entry and I now have been with someone/common law partner for 1 year can I now sponsor him?
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    What else documents I need for landing

    Hi, You may want to get a bank statement depicting the required funds for you and any other person COPR just in case the immigration officer ask.