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    2 Legal jobs counts for work experience?

    Hi 1/ The cashier is NOC D so doesn't count as skilled work.
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    Given name issue in LOA

    Hi 1. That is correct. CIC will issue your SA with Harshbir Singh in the Surname space and leave given name blank.
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    Spousal sponsorship

    HI Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!" (Sir Walter Scott, 1808) 1. I think that you have dug a hole that there is no way out. You misrepresented yourself by not claiming your spouse and child, (misrepresentation} 2. You claimed your wife was your cousin...
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    Sponsoring spouse living outside Canada from within Canada

    Hi 1. London UK 2. She will be informed if required.
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    Question about sponsoring parents

    Hi 1. You parents are not dependents, only your spouse and children (if any) are dependents
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    PR Working Outside Canada

    Hi 1. The company must send you abroad for a temporary period.
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    Visa Expiry Date is for Entry or Exit?

    Hi 1. Wrong. Entry, the TRV is valid up to midnight on the expiry date.
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    Question regarding PGWP

    Hi 1. As long as your application was received by CIC before May/22 (expiry of study permit) then you are fine. No need for restoration,
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    How to Apply PR for New Born Baby in India

    Hi 1. No, unless your son is issued either a TRV or TRP, then one of you will have to return to Canada to submit the application.
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    Will I be rejected because of this medical test! X-Ray!

    Hi 1. They will wait.
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    Full time work.

    Hi 1. I doubt is you will get an answer since it is a 3 year old post.
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    Invited to Oath ceremony, no interview

    Hi 1. Unless there is a problem with the application or CIC has suspicions then there is no interview.
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    Possible scam email asking for scanned copies of all passport(s)

    1. Well it is a legitimate CIC email address, So do what they request.
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    Traffic ticket and citizenship

    Hi 1. No, it is not a criminal offense. 2. No
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    How to bring my spouse

    Hi 1. Unless you declared your partner as common/law on your original application, and since you are not married, s/he is not eligible for a SOWP.
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    the date that you became a citizen is the oath date?

    Hi 1. The day you took the oath.
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    Troubled post, needs urgent response

    HI 1. So you bought a fake PR card, No way will you be able to travel to Canada with it. Kiss your money goodbye.
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    Study permit not yet processed

    Hi 1. No.
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    Applying for PR Card in advance while holding a Valid PRTD

    HI 1. No, you have to be in Canada to apply for a PR card.