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  1. Copingwithlife

    Background check on Canada PR applicants.

    You’re basically asking for help on how to lie aka misrepresent information on your application. No one will help you with that . And just a shot in the dark, you realize by leaving out information on your application can lead to you receiving a PFL and a five year ban , correct ? Definitely...
  2. Copingwithlife

    Pr renewal - humanitarian and compassionate prtd

    I only encountered a few of those letters in my time there . Nothing was ever mentioned about someone’s PR card . It would ask clarification regarding someone’s address , or if there was a name mismatch . Name mismatch could mean someone was using someone else’s SIN for work purposes, or it...
  3. Copingwithlife

    Can I work from any other province apart from the one mentioned at time of filing the work permit

    If your work location states Calgary , then it would be Calgary . In other words if the permit is location specific, then you’d work at that location . As noted, if your work is remote , then it would be counter productive for you even to have to be in Canada . In other words you could be in...
  4. Copingwithlife

    Minor (15 y.o.) brother visiting Canada

    A good reason , would be the truthful reason . Random people online can’t make up a reason for you to use
  5. Copingwithlife

    Pr renewal - humanitarian and compassionate prtd

    If a SIN hasn’t been used for a period of years , it’ll go into a dormant state . This is to prevent identity theft , and or access to benefits one may not be entitled too . If a SIN hasn’t been used and all of the sudden it pops up on the radar as being used, there is a department at the CRA...
  6. Copingwithlife

    Questions about bringing stuff into Canada as a visitor

    Because she’s a visitor. Visitors don’t bring up a lot of stuff . It’s all about appearances.
  7. Copingwithlife

    Questions about bringing stuff into Canada as a visitor

    It’s not the duty , it’s the “ appearance “ she’s moving up permanently, when she’s only a visitor. Definitely do not say she’s moved out of her apartment. That’ll only give fuel to the fire if they question her bringing up “ stuff “. If they question her it won’t be relevant if she has a...
  8. Copingwithlife

    Super Visa 2022

    You want to submit the documents that was requested “A copy of the insurance certificate or policy you received for medical insurance coverage for 1 year with a Canadian insurance company. Submit with super visa application”
  9. Copingwithlife

    Daughter’s visit visa

    Are you sure it’s not a scam? Did you receive a positive LMIA ?
  10. Copingwithlife

    Has anybody used self employed stock trader as experience

    Think that ship has sailed You’re replying to a post from four years ago ( won’t mention your spam )
  11. Copingwithlife

    Notice to appear

    It’s confusing . You mention that you wish to join your family in Canada, but you’re not willing to get PR of Canada . What’s your intent when you state you wish to “ join “ them in Canada ? Permanent? Temporary? If you’re no longer a PR, you’d have to apply for a visitor visa like any other...
  12. Copingwithlife

    Need help for a visitor visa from India

    Review this . This is the steps the VO goes thru when evaluating a visa request https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/corporate/publications-manuals/operational-bulletins-manuals/temporary-residents/visitors/eligibility-admissibility-considerations.html...
  13. Copingwithlife

    Can some body help me

    This link is for a private company that’ll request a ETA for the individual. They will charge between $50-100USD. They only want to use the Government of Canadas website to apply . The correct cost is $7.00 CAD...
  14. Copingwithlife

    No news about parents sponsorship in 2022?

    Adding that some people have died in the ER waiting,so needless to say, probably not the best look
  15. Copingwithlife

    Are all immigrants nearly 3years in GTA able to buy houses for 1million+

    Jesus H Christ , “ pruning such threads “ ?? What does that even mean ? If you’re attempting to have a witty come back, it didn’t work . You prune a tree, not a thread.
  16. Copingwithlife

    Visit visa refused

    What exactly did you do ? Appears you sent in fraudulent documents
  17. Copingwithlife

    Mom visa got denied after visiting canada 5 times

    Exactly how did you get PR ? Economic? Spousal ? Refugee ? ( The last one , can change things )
  18. Copingwithlife

    Tax documents in US

    That’s a question for the IRS on how long you retain your tax records for . Moving to Canada is irrelevant. You research online thru the IRS website and see what rules pertain to you
  19. Copingwithlife

    working holiday visa, what happens at the border? Question regarding possibly not disclosing medical issue

    Except someone here on a IEC is NOT a visitor Obviously someone needs to advise the Governments website , that the information is incorrect “Prescription drugs also have specific import requirements and are only permitted to be imported by a practitioner, a drug manufacturer, a wholesale...
  20. Copingwithlife

    ICT Visa to PR

    Even if you incorporate a brand new company Federally or thru a province, it’ll still show you as a owner / director . When you file the T4 it’ll be coded as EI exempt , because owners of corporations aren’t eligible for regular EI . Special EI, yes, regular No. The IRCC will have your BN , on...