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    Refused After HALF A YEAR of waiting

    Get a full refund while you can
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    Going to court against IRCC for judicial review after refusal-Non SDS Category

    Save your money, the grass isn't necessary greener in Canada.
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    Fully vaccinated quarantine exemptions

    Yes you can, but on Arrivecan it will ask for information about the requirements of the property, for example, there is no elderly or health workers etc, as long as you can satisfy those criteria then it should be no problem. You could also book a hotel for 1-2 days until your covid test result...
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    Arriving 51 Days Early

    I traveled 1 month and 2 days before my online induction, my in-person attendance is still 6 weeks away. The only time I got asked about my program start date was at London Heathrow, no questions were asked about the same at Toronto airport. My advice, only travel close to your program start...
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    Help Needed - Denied To Board Flight - Warsaw Airport - Poland

    Did his flight originate in India? And does his program require in-person attendance, if so when does it start?
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    Fully vaccinated quarantine exemptions

    This is causing a lot of confusion, but already answered in the forum. Regrdless of a connecting flight or not, if fully vaccinated you do not need to book the 3-day quarantine hotel. As far as the covid test at the airport, again there is no quarantine requirement whilst you wait for the...
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    Can my parent accompany me to canada

    how old are you?
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    Fully vaccinated travellers quarantine requirements

    I had entered all my information on Arrivecan and printed the confirmation prior to travel, including my Airbnb stay for 8 days (which I am actually staying at). They didn't ask about the remaining days because once they had establised full vaccination status there is no quarantine requirement...
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    Can I get Moderna after getting fully vaccinated with Sinovac?

    CBSA/PHAC will not exempt from quarantine if you have had mixed covid vaccines.
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    Fully vaccinated travellers quarantine requirements

    Well I had no major issues at Toronto airport, albeit it was challenging with all the different hurdles but got through eventually. I am fully vaccinated and allowed exemption from quararantine
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    Fully vaccinated travellers quarantine requirements

    You can try an Airbnb stay with a refund policy, only book a place where you will be refunded. You just need to plan a stay and provide a contact number, just keep a record of your contacts and places you visit whilst awaiting the pcr test result. To be honest, if fully vaccinated you are the...
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    Fully vaccinated travellers quarantine requirements

    There is no quarantine requirement if fully vaccinated, not even whilst waiting for the airport covid test result. Just make sure it's all submitted in Arrivecan.
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    How much cash is recommended when you reach in Canada

    $10k limit? Who told you this? You can take as much as cash you like, only that it has to be declared if over $10k.
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    Immigration/Covid and connecting flights

    I can answer some questions, you should get your study permit issued at Calgary. Your covid test will be at the same location and your 1st few days of quarantine (non-government quarantine hotel) will be Calgary while you wait for the covid test result. This means you cannot take your connecting...
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    Unable to pay 1st installment of fee before due date mentioned in offer letter

    All I'm saying is that colleges/universities tend not to be flexible when it comes to payment of fees, they will just offer the position to someone who is able to pay the fees, best to check with the admissions office
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    Unable to pay 1st installment of fee before due date mentioned in offer letter

    Yes, saying that some institutions may not allow deferral unless fees are paid
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    Unable to pay 1st installment of fee before due date mentioned in offer letter

    Instituitions are pretty strict on this policy, have you thought of deferring.
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    !!! admission problem of Langara

    Your application is awaiting assessment by the department related to your program. There is not much you can do apart from wait, nothing you say to them will speed up the process.
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    I wasn't allowed to the plane

    Some people on this forum have stated 5weeks, can you please post the IRCC link to 4 weeks?
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    I wasn't allowed to the plane

    So you were travelling on 30th June with a program start date 7th September, that's far too early, almost 9 weeks. Maximum 4-5 weeks I would say.