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    2018 January applicants for PR (paper-based)

    Congratulations! nothing can stop you.
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    Thank you >>>>>>>>> Legalfalcon <<<<<<<<<<<

    Hi legalfalcon, I'm a PNP applicant with AOR April, 2019. My file has been in the interview queue since Oct, 2019. From CSBA notes, I knew the immigration officer made some comments and assigned interviews. Due to a pandemic situation, When the interview wd be scheduled is yet to know. In these...
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    Hi, my work experience has been credited 36 months towards PE. Still not my profile updated for EIT letter. I am a international applicant. how I will get EIT letter? Thanks
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    I still do not get EIT dues on my profile though 36m of experience is credited.
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    thanks.. My Category 1 Technical Competencies have been accepted & I was credited with 36months of experience. Can I apply for jobs that require EIT certification?
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    Interview in bangladesh for spouse

    Do they waive an interview?
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    Singapore Visa Office Virtual Interviews update

    are you a spousal candidate?
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    Additional EE profile as CEC while ongoing PR application

    Thank you very much. Can I mention in the webform that I raised CBSA notes and get the reasons to assign "interview" from the CBSA document?
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    Additional EE profile as CEC while ongoing PR application

    Hello @legalfalcon, My application's AOR is April, 2019. From CBSA notes, I found a mistake while filling out the marriage date on the IMM008enu form during submitted it to CIC. A CBSA note mentioned that I mentioned XX-XX-2019 instead of XX-XX-2014 on one occasion. In My Marriage certificate...
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    Singapore timeline

    the comments made at the end, is your last status
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    https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/coronavirus-covid19/immigration-applicants.html#expired. Any impact for in progress applicants?
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    Singapore timeline

    via, can you pls let us know is their any impact of the news (https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/coronavirus-covid19/immigration-applicants.html#expired) on the existing In Progress applicants.
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    Additional EE profile as CEC while ongoing PR application

    Thanks @legalfalcon In that case, Can I change NOC of my wife or myself? or Maintain the previous NOC as mentioned in 1st application.
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    Additional EE profile as CEC while ongoing PR application

    dear @legalfalcon I am a PNP applicant waiting for more than 27 months since AOR. Is it possible to lodge a new EE profile by my wife as a principal applicant? any impact on the existing PR application for that? thanks
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    September 2019 - Citizenship Applicants

    which visa office it is?
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    DHL ok. Are you a family sponsor candidate?
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    With sgvo, many PNP & FSW and family sponsor applicants are waiting for interview for long time. There is no timeframe for scheduling interview. Sgvo gives generic reply after Enquiry. All interview candidates should share their experience and discuss the issue how to deal with the situation...
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    Spousal Interviews during Covid-19 Pandemic

    what is your VO? & where you are called for interview?