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    Indian Police clearance and Saudi arabia police clearance procedure

    Ideally, if she is based in KSA, then she can get it done from Indian Embassy in KSA. Else, if she applies for e-APR being based in India, then she can obtain it from Passport Seva Kendra (PSK). All the best. Sorry, I just logged in today to see this query.
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    Ontario Express Entry: Human Capital Priorities Stream >> Connect Here

    Whatever is there in actual just show it to them. But make sure that the current available balance is equal to or more than the required amount.
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    Urgent: Unable to get UAE PCC - Please advise

    IRCC only checks the issue date of the PCC, the purpose mentioned on it and your exit date from that country.
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    Ontario Express Entry: Human Capital Priorities Stream >> Connect Here

    Why would I lie?? I will only mention about the confirmed things.
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    Gift Deed for Proof of Funds

    It can be anytime. You just have to show that the required money is in your own bank account and you must show or mention the source of funds.
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    Looking for a one bedroom apartment/condo for rent in Halifax or nearby

    It's like Airbnb, but here you don't pay the full amount in advance. You pay only 15% advance.
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    Need a rental apartment in thunder bay

    Try homestay.com
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    Urgent!!!! Proof of funds TD bank statement

    Absolutely fine. Go ahead and upload it.
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    Furnished house for short or long term lease

    What is the rent for a single bedroom at this place? I am looking for a place in GTA.
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    Required: Furnished Room in Mississauga

    Airbnb will provide options for only temporary accomodation for 10 to 15 days, correct? I would prefer a place for atleast 1 to 2 months.
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    Required: Furnished Room in Mississauga

    Hi, I am a single male from Mumbai, landing on 26th June 2017 and I am finding it difficult to book a nice furnished room in a shared flat using websites like roomster, kijiji, etc. I am looking for the same either in Mississauga region or Scarborough. Would appreciate kind help with the same...
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    Marital status in express entry profile

    Go ahead and submit your e-APR. Once you are married, you need to inform IRCC about your marriage via CSE. You would need to upload marriage certificate, marriage photos, spouse's passport, medical report and PCCs. IELTS and ECA for your spouse won't be required. The overall application...
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    Query regarding ECA by Pune University for Engineering course

    Yes, that is correct. You can send his Transcripts and degree certificates along with your package to WES Canada. You can calculate your CRS accurately only after you have IELTS and ECA reports for you and your husband.
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    Getting Married during PR application

    If they have requested additional documents, then they will provide you placeholders to upload them in your My CIC account. Have you checked your account yet? Go the uploaded documents section and find it.
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    PR applications from NDVO/INDIA.....lets connect here...

    Exactly, that's your PPR letter. The online status will only change on the date when they stamp your passport and grant you COPR.