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  1. Rob_TO

    Sister in law

    Hi, that is not a conjugal partner. A conjugal partner is someone you are practically married to, except for the fact marriage is impossible to do due to legal reasons. Read here under all Conjugal partner sections...
  2. Rob_TO

    Proxy Marriage

    It's clearly stated with simple searches that IRCC doesn't accept these kinds of marriage for immigration: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/helpcentre/answer.asp?qnum=1081&top=14...
  3. Rob_TO

    Inland application and spouse just found out she's pregnant

    She should immediately call around to all the local midwife offices to see if she can secure one as her care provider for pregnancy and delivery. They will offer their services for free even to those without OHIP coverage, may just need to pay for things like ultrasounds or bloodwork. If no...
  4. Rob_TO

    PR Renewal, PRTD Required?

    Since US passport holders are eTA-exempt, there is no need to apply for PR TD. Just don'e mention to the airline you're a PR, as that may only cause complications. For the purposes of flying you're simply a US citizen to the airline. You should be able to apply for PR card renewal while in the...
  5. Rob_TO

    Sponsoring US born child

    So your family landed in Canada on July 1, or landed earlier and left on July 1? Again, you need to make sure your family has not spent more than 3 years (1095 days) outside Canada before they attempt to return, as they could then be reported for RO violation and process started to terminate...
  6. Rob_TO

    pregnancy, when to move?Urgent, please help

    If you have a medical condition (like late stage pregnancy) that would prevent you from flying to do PR landing before COPR expiry date, the visa office may allow you to delay the COPR/landing. It's entirely up to them. You should stress though the reason is medical related, and not simply due...
  7. Rob_TO


    Once she's used the PRTD to return to Canada, she can immediately submit a regular app to renew her PR card. It will most likely be approved due to the very recent positive H&C finding. She should include copy of the RC-1 PR TD, and explain about recent H&C acceptance. She may get the PR card in...
  8. Rob_TO

    pregnancy, when to move?Urgent, please help

    You face a few possible issues. First, once you get PR approved and your COPR back, you, your husband and your 3-yr old will all need to fly to Canada to activate your PR status. Depending when exactly you get COPRs, you could be in later stages of pregnancy and flying could be an issue...
  9. Rob_TO

    Queries on maintaining/extending PR status

    No, and no. Is pointless to even try. She would attempt to use H&C excuse only if she needs to when the time comes. If she's in violation of the RO (so has spent 36 months or more outside Canada within 5 years since landing as a PR) upon returning to Canada, CBSA may report her upon entry...
  10. Rob_TO

    Ontario Health Insurance coverage eligibility

    http://www.health.gov.on.ca/en/public/programs/ohip/ohipfaq_mn.aspx Am I still eligible for OHIP if I temporarily leave Ontario? You may be out of the province for up to 212 days in any 12-month period and still maintain your Ontario health insurance coverage provided that you continue to make...
  11. Rob_TO

    common law, guidance needed

    You won't lose PR status in case of separation after you get PR. You though will not be able to sponsor any new spouse for 5 years. Yes whoever is filing Canadian income tax will need to report change in marital status from single to common-law, after reaching the 12 months of cohabitation...
  12. Rob_TO

    Common law sponsorship from US to Canada

    There are no rules, it's entirely at the discretion of the visa officer processing your file. Totally depends on their personal opinion of if the breaks void the common-law status or not. In my opinion spending 30% of the total qualifying time separated, will be a major concern to have visa...
  13. Rob_TO

    Would like to sponsor my niece

    If both her parents are deceased and she is under age 18. If this is not the case, then there is no way for you to sponsor her.
  14. Rob_TO

    Common law sponsorship from US to Canada

    Common-law requires 12 months of continuous cohabitation. This can be done while as a visitor in a country, you'd just need to be cautious on how you explain to US border patrol each time you enter the US. They probably don't like people "living" in the US on visitor status only. But immigration...
  15. Rob_TO

    Dependent child

    Correct, only you (biological mother) can sponsor the son. Your husband can't. When you got your own PR, did you at least include your son as a non-accompanying dependent in your application and have him do a medical exam? If so, then it will be no problem for YOU to sponsor him. Doesn't matter...
  16. Rob_TO

    PRTD validity

    Yes. Other than the misrepresentation since her residential address is obviously in Australia right now, she must list her physical presence for 5 years from date the application is done. So any visa officer will plainly see she is currently in Australia and when exactly she last left Canada...
  17. Rob_TO

    Undocumented Immigrant

    At least your app will be stronger now that you've lived together so long.
  18. Rob_TO

    Undocumented Immigrant

    No, only PRs must be living in Canada to sponsor a spouse. Canadian citizens can be living anywhere in the world, they only need to show proof they will actually move to Canada after the application is approved.
  19. Rob_TO

    Undocumented Immigrant

    You are a Canadian citizen so will have no problems returning to Canada. Since you will be banned form re-entering the US for some time, just be prepared that you may be separated from your spouse for well over 1 year while you put together the PR app and wait for it to process. In hindsight...
  20. Rob_TO

    Renew Canadin PR

    Why would there be documentation that tells you what doesn't affect a PR application? You should look for documentation that tells you having prior PR status will have some negative effect on a new application. You will not find it though because no such rule exists.