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  1. steaky

    PGP - Integration after they arrive

    It depends if they have other incomes such as pension and investment. The sponsor's income are excluded.
  2. steaky

    Credential Evaluation : urgent

    Are you sure UT is on holidays? A relative of mine received a letter from them and can choose the courses for the fall.
  3. steaky

    Parent Super visa, how long to wait ?

    Continue wait.
  4. steaky

    PR Card Address in Another Province

    Since you would not be living in ON, they might or might not accept it. Anyways, they might ask you to update the address later.
  5. steaky


    Are you a spammer?
  6. steaky

    Moving Company

    If I am moving from Vancouver to Calgary, I would probably hire a Uhaul and try to handle it myself. Even if it takes multiple times.
  7. steaky

    Minor (15 y.o.) brother visiting Canada

    I've seen young teens traveling solo.
  8. steaky

    Can I apply for spousal sponsorship before receiving PR Card?

    When did you married? Did you marry with someone literally after your landing?
  9. steaky

    Sample Purpose of Travel

    @babisam @okpah There's a sample in post #2 of this thread! Did you guys not read it?
  10. steaky

    Name Arrangement on international Passport

    Get a name change.
  11. steaky

    PR Renewal Question Regarding Family

    To: the date you signed the application form. Not CRA, but CBSA.
  12. steaky

    PR Renewal Question Regarding Family

    I think you should try to get the visa now (while you are in Canada with a valid PR card) rather than wait until the last minute.
  13. steaky

    super visa

    That's totally different. Read your original post. You clearly said the visa valid up to 6 months, which in fact can be up to 10 years (depends on the visa officer).
  14. steaky

    PR Renewal Question Regarding Family

    As an alternative, if you have US visa, you can return to Canada (using an expired PR card) via a land border by foot or drive.
  15. steaky

    super visa

    Incorrect. Multiiple entries visitor visa can be valid up to 10 years. Each stay up to 6 months (depends on immigration officer).
  16. steaky

    CoPR arrived, probability of finding a job without PR card in hand

    Most employers are more interested to look at your Social Insurance number rather than your PR card. Apply one with your stamped COPR as soon as you settled down.
  17. steaky

    Parents visa refused 2nd time in 2 years

    How much funds are they (your parents) going to show next time? And how long they intend to stay next time?
  18. steaky

    Buy house on work permit

    Only if the cash deposition of the proceeds, would have to declare at the bank in person.
  19. steaky

    Buy house on work permit

    I mean when you are in the airport kiosk, the screen will ask you questions and you would honestly declare them. After you are done, the kiosk will print out a receipt to you. You would have to bring this printout to the officer and the officer will give you further instruction. Cash doesn't...