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    reg Canada immigration

    Try PR directly if you have CAQ
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    medical surveillance

    Yes , You have to report , this might delay the process.
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    Medical - Ulceritive colitis

    Yes, It will be covered by your work insurance. I am not sure about remicade...
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    Medical - Ulceritive colitis

    Hi, Yes we had declared chrons during our medicals and were asked for further tests. The cost of medicine should be below the threshhold. I suggest you to hire a Lawyer who specializes in Medical Inadmissability. I would recommend Battista Immgration Law group. They are based in Toronto.
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    COPR and coronavirus

    Yes thats possible. There wont be any issues with that
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    COPR and coronavirus

    Hello Priya, What documents were asked during crossing the border ? Especially for the vehicle.
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    Which NOC code for senior executive - quality

    Yes even i was on direct pay roll stil the roles match that of NOC 1122. you can apply based on that. I received mine this year
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    COPR and coronavirus

    Hey, There are a lot of people who got COPR extension emails and these are specific. Saw people on Telegram posting about their extension experience, If i can find any will forward it. Yes you can delay and write to IRCC that due to COVID restrictions you are not able to travel and want...
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    COPR and coronavirus

    I can completely understand you. My spouse is stuck in US and we arent able to travel either way becoz of border closure and also quarantine rules.
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    COPR and coronavirus

    I was just suggesting. Anyway its upto them. I have seen people losing jobs here and its not that easy to survive on the savings .
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    COPR and coronavirus

    Guys, Please wait untill the situation eases. If you come here now with the current job market it would be an added pressure to everyone whose coming in for landing. They have clearly mention that COPR will be extended. I dont know why everyone is rushing to do their landing ? I am currently...
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    If you are in canada and have applied through CEC, you can do a phone landing .... Check the guidelines on the website
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    Canada and US information sharing: Notes from US visa officer included?

    Hi, There are scenarios where people have been rejected of student loans in US. You can search on this forum you might find more details regarding that. If your consultant is so sure that it will not have an impact, go ahead and apply.
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    Proof of funds

    No, But they might ask how much funds do you have
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    COPR and coronavirus

    Yeah , I pushed on the fact that the Food safety standards are similar all overthe world. However they had the canadian Food inspection agency which handles all these, so I compared the internation standards with the Local Canadian standards and used it as an advantage . Yeah its really...
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    Increased PR application fee starting April 30, 2020

    They will simply put your file on Hold if the entire payment is not done. Its one of their crietia and will be posted on the GCMS notes . It might delay your process / I suggest you to pay the fee upfront and raise the Webform..
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    COPR and coronavirus

    Yes I applied from US while i was there and had interviews in the first week of landing