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    TRV within Canada for family

    Bellaluna replied correct. To make it more clear : " A TRP (Temporary Resident Permit ) will help an inadmissible person gain entry to Canada, though only on temporary grounds. In other words, a TRP can only be used for entry to Canada as a foreign worker, foreign student or as a visitor but...
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    Forgot to mention about mine and family us visa refusal

    It won't be serious issue and you have already notified about the error/omission inadvertently happened while completing the application. During your interview, if any, you can explain about the omission if asked, otherwise keep calm.
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    Supervisa insurance travel date

    Hi, Don't think so. It is a genuine fact that a mother is visiting for support of her daughter after delivering child.
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    looking for accomodation in kitchner near conestoga college

    Hi, If you are already in Kitchner now, better walk around the Indian grocery store fronts, or supermarkets where you may find notices placed by other students who need room mates/sharing accommodation or even single room accommodation offer by home owners. Good luck.
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    Funds checking on first entry into Canada

    Please read here : http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/skilled/funds.asp According to the above you must have the funds with you in any method as described. When you land first time with your PR visa, the Immigration Officer may ask about the funds you carry. They are not going to count your...
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    return to canada after overstayed

    At the Canadian entry point from USA, CBSA officer at the gate will scan your passport and will ask you how long you stayed in Canada during last visit and the date you departed. You cannot lie there and admit the fact that you did overstay, which could end in a refusal of entry. But incase...
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    PR Obligation -conflict

    Your partner's PR status will only be maintained if he fulfill the mandatory residency obligation for PR - 730 days in 5 yr period. If he fails to meet this requirement, his PR renewal application could be rejected next time. Therefore he should be present in Canada as per the requirement. If he...
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    Saudi Arabia's Applicants

    Don't think so. Your visa office review your Iqama to verify your residency status KSA. They are not going to compare the name of sponsor with your employer name. However, if you need go to nearest Chamber of Commerce and get your employment letter certified by them. They verify the signature...
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    Saudi Arabia's Applicants

    Hi, Iqama copy is required by Embassy to verify your legal residency status in Saudi Arabia. You need to get a proper experience certificate from your employer in the Kingdom - in English - on their letter head with stamp. If Arabic get it translated. Don't worry about your iqama and job...
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    applying Express Entry while family based application under process?

    I would suggest you should wait for the spousal sponsorship processing instead of EE.
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    1. Being child it doesn't matter you give the language same as for you. 2. You can just give the issue date approx - when you got it from UAE Govt. 3. If your status is on "work visa" show as Work visa or Employment visa 4. Show the name of Province and City where you are intended to live...
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    With Spouse / Without Spouse ?? Need Help

    You need only to show in your PR application form, when you will be invited by CIC to file it, that you have NO family members accompanying with you . However, you need to furnish the details of our wife.
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    Family Sponsorship Form IMM0008 Question # 3 in Application Details

    In IMM0008 you don't need to include your child who is a Canadian by birth. In the additional form IMM5406 for Family members, you need to add the details of your son.
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    need an advice for PR application

    Hi, There is no need to mention both marriages separately. You need to attach the marriage certificate issued from your Government authority, which is recognized as the legal document. If your husband is on sick leave, he is still employed under that employer. Being your child's father is...
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    How to update current mailing address online?

    When you have an IMM file number from CIC then only you will be able to go online for any updates or enquiry. However,you can send the address by e mail. After getting AOR, you could check online about the update.
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    arranged employement

    If your employer needs you to keep you on job permanently,your employer need a new LMIA from ESDC.
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    Help needed......Mismatch in Surname in Passport and Visa/COPR

    CIC processed your visa according to your application and passport. Your request has been ignored based on the submitted documents. However, you don't waste time to get it corrected now. Leave it as it is. When the time comes to apply for Canadian citizenship, on completion of your residency...
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    Post Graduate Work Permit and EE

    Employers need to provide a job offer supported by a Labour Market Impact Assessment, if the employer wishes to extend a permanent job offer ( an offer of arranged employment ) under the Express Entry system
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    Should I transfer from FSW application to EE application.

    You cannot transfer the submitted application of FSW to EE. Once you apply for EE, your application will we placed on the pool. CIC says that : "Potential candidates will complete an online Express Entry profile. Those who meet the criteria of one of the federal immigration programs, will...
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    express entry

    You can apply for EE. Please note that those who meet the criteria of one of the federal economic immigration programs subject to Express Entry will only be placed in a pool of candidates.