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    permanent residency card

    first off thank you to Wilson. i called pretty much the same day you posted and they told me to give it untill the 29th and if it still hadnt arrived to call them again. i called today and was told there are huge delays in processing of PR cards and it can be anywhere to another 45 days before...
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    everything i sent copies of they kept everything i sent originals of was returned to me
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    permanent residency card

    hello all, it has been a long time sense i've posted, there's been a lot of change over the last two month but i was wondering, and knew no better people to ask than you guys, about how long on average did it take people to receive their PR cards? it will be two months next week, and im starting...
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    PR through courier is illegal?

    as long as you have the proof of landing you were given you shouldn't have much trouble going back into Canada (much, im sure there will be a little) i dont recommend having it mailed to you its not worth the risk
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    Thread for applications sent December 2009!!!

    landed today in Woodstock even simpler than it sounds no questions asked other than if the address they had for my pr card was correct
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    organising forms - staple pages together?

    they do say no staples but you know what its not a big deal i stapled a ton of stuff together and wwhen it came back with my visa they had just removed them
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    Good to follow list - EXPERT advice please

    thanks for posting that link i didnt know there was an official doc you were supposed to use for goods you were bringing along i was just going to write it on a plain sheet of paper
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    sending more proof

    i remember a while back someone posting that they kept sending in more stuff and it slowed their processing down, BUT, having it slowed down is better than being refused so if you think you need more evidence it may be worth it in the long run
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    i know impatient

    lol he actually said the same thing i believe we will be dinning at the pub tonight
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    Do I attach degree certificates?

    i didn't need to but i chose to send a copy of my transcript anyway my theory was it would be one less fact they would have to look up
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    Thread for applications sent December 2009!!!

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    i know impatient

    lmfao after all of that it showed up today. glad this served as a reminder to you CG and not just the stress catching up with me
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    i know impatient

    yeah i was going to get one when i had to replace the passport cp lost but i couldn't afford it once this is all over and i can work i plan on getting a lot of very simple things like a drivers license and a pp card its funny how big little things seem when you have something stopping you from...
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    i know impatient

    Tuesday? is tomorrow a holiday?
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    i know impatient

    i emailed Friday night / Saturday morning. or it may have been Thursday to Friday, i can barely tell which day is which anymore I've noticed with something they reply immediately and with others they take their time it also seems they pick and chose on whim like when my first passport was lost...
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    i know impatient

    i never said it was a waste of my time, i did say it was a waste of my money and still agree i think the 2000+ i have put into it is more than enough, and as i said i am sure you didn't mean to be rude, but you have to look at the way you word things to people on here. in any case none of this...
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    Where does my wife live?

    i did the same thing, put the friend or a family member as her residential address and put your address as the contact mailing address
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    i know impatient

    i do not have to, it won't kill me to have to go back to the states, and while it will be in a pain in the ass if my visitors status runs out they can't exactly tell me "well you have to stay in Canada because you don't have a passport" it can seem like a waste of money because i support my...
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    Student loans are what you owe? well then yeah you can sponsor they dont count at all
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    i know impatient

    i could but it seems like a waste of money to me, if there is one thing i will miss about the states is our postal service