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    Super Visa 2021

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    Super Visa 2022

    I do understand your frustration, But MP'Ss can react to IRCC only once mentioned Processing days passed
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    Super Visa 2022

    Your MP is saying Correct . without processing time passed , you can't go via MP route Good Luck
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    Parent's Supervisa from India--Mother recently had a abdominal surgery

    When ever she feels OK you can apply Before going for Actual medical test , you can do her KFT, and urine test , just to make sure all are in range. That's what I did in my mother case because her crematine level was high during Medical test , So when when IRCC asked for more test , I make...
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    Do Supervisa Applicants need to show funds in their account?

    Yes , I Added my mother Bank statement also But this will not be deciding factor as S.V. Sponsor Income matters not the parents Only Tie up matters most Good Luck
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    Super Visa 2021

    Yes, Only you can not apply within Canada for SV
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    Super Visa 2022

    In case of S.V. you need to mention your money , as you are sponsoring parents by putting any balance will not impact decision , your NOA/Emp. letter will play major role for S.V Good Luck
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    While Buying ticket to Canada with TRV, should return ticket be bought as well?

    Hi @scylla Does same apply for Super Visa case also ? I mean parents also need to buy a return ticket and show while entering in Canada Thanks in advance
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    Super Visa 2022

    Super visa don't need PCC
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    Counterfoil document status disappeared in GC key

    ohh Boy ... :(
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    Counterfoil document status disappeared in GC key

    Which VFS office it is ?
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    Counterfoil document status disappeared in GC key

    Usually total process takes 7-10 days before it reach to you Steps are- you send to VFS VFS->Canadian High commission Canadian High commission-> VFS VFS-> You Good Luck
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    Counterfoil document status disappeared in GC key

    This section you can see only after passport Stamping completed Good Luck
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    Applying for parents visit visa

    First of all that's good decision that you want to apply by Own (until you have really some complicated scenario) Caseworker wanted to make sure your parents return back to home country on or before visa validity. so what reason you can show to IRCC thats they agree with you Options are -...
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    Visitor visa rejection

    Agree , Liquid money matters But not impact in approval S V , If you have Emp letter stating this person is Working with us and his annual salary is this much. (It is nothing but Liquid money only which sponsor gets on bi weekly basis) same I mentioned that mp letter need to be added (i.e. that...
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    Visitor visa rejection

    For Super Visa Your NOA for current year matters most with Emp. letter In case your are showing Liquid money in CA that is plus but not reason for rejection/Approval. Also as per IRCC during whole stay of the Invitee , sponsor must qualify as per LICO requirement. (But IRCC can't track that)
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    Need urgent help on parent Supervisa

    1- There is no such requirement that Applicant must be in Home Country at time of Application 2- This can be your personal Choice 3- In case your 2021 income and Family composition in CA is enough for Qualifying LICO , You can definitely think about Super Visa Good Luck
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    Dec 2021 Visit Visa Applications pls share timelines

    Sorry to hear about refusal I have couple of Question based on rejection reason 1- Your In law submitted for S.V.or VV ? If Super Visa then , Your (in case your Wife is sponsoring her parents then Her 2021 NOA) 2021 income Qualify for LICO requirement, Please don't forget to add Other family...
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    Supervisa - PPR Received for Mother Only. Father's Application still in process. Anyone else has similar situation?

    No Issue Here you go ===== Your letter looks good. You mentioned every point very clear, thats good Two major changes I will suggest Please make tables of Invitee and sponsor details, instead of normal Text , this help Case worker to get exact information what he/she need. please add your...