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  1. thefairy

    citizenship certificate

    I applied for my daughter's canadian citizenship certificate along with her canadian passport in september 2008 in the office in Lima, Peru. We got her passport in 2 weeks and it is valid for 1 year only (meaning it will expire on september 2009) In october we sent my application for residency...
  2. thefairy

    Tiny error

    I got my PR card already but I just noticed they made me 10cms shorter than I am. On the instructions it says the info in the card is based on the info I provided on my aplication and confirmation of pr... So I looked at these documents and they have my right height, so they made a mistake... Is...
  3. thefairy

    Out of Status

    Hello everyone! Im writing for a friend of mine. She came to Canada about 2 years ago on a working visa to a restaurant. This place broke the rules of her contract several times and made her work 48-50 hours a week and never got paid OT. Anyways, she left her work after many months, and started...
  4. thefairy

    PMM, Leon, somebody help please- Canada Child Benefits Application

    Hello, Im totally new with this process. I have a baby daughter and my partner and I are considering applying for the Canada Child Benefit. Im a PR he is a citizen , and so is our baby. My question are... 1. is this considered social assistance that my sponsor will be responsible for if Im the...
  5. thefairy

    Landing-pearson airport

    hello everyone, just wanted to share my landing experience. My daughter and I left Lima a week ago and were flying to Calgary with a stop at Pearson airport in Toronto. Once we got there we were asked to go to the immigration office which had a looooooooooong line, and only about 4 agents on...
  6. thefairy

    Driver licence

    Hello, I will be settling in Alberta and have a question about DL. I would like to obtain one from Alberta , I currently have a licence from USA ... Can I just surrender this to get my canadian dl? Will I need a test? Which one? I'm just interestedon getting a licence to drive just our simple...
  7. thefairy

    Landing with a baby

    Hello people, I will be landing soon yay! And I will be bringing my baby with me. The father (my sponsor) is a canadian citizen and Im a peruvian national. My baby was born in Peru so the law here considers her peruvian of birth; when she was born though we got her a canadian passport at the...
  8. thefairy

    Landing, Proof of funds, etc

    Hello people, I will be landing early April, and I just have soem doubts about the proof of funds requisite and other things. I depend economically completely on my sponsor, who sends me money weekly to cover my and our daughter needs. I dont work or anything since I have been taking care of...
  9. thefairy

    TRV while PR process and Conjugal parner

    Hello everyone! I did explain my case once, but I just wanted to share with you my update on the PR. I have been sponsored by my bf as conjugal parners, we were actually living in Canada together for a while til once, coming back after a short visit to my family, I was denied entry at the POE...
  10. thefairy

    citizenship certificate for baby

    I applied for both canadian passport and citizenship certificated for my baby -that was born abroad -at the same time. We received her canadian passport in 2 weeks, but we were told the certificate takes between 6-8 months. I called the embassy today and they informed me, the office that process...
  11. thefairy

    canada police clearance

    Hi another question: I entered canada as a visitor and stayed almost 6 months, then left and re-enter Canada and stayed again not even 6 months. Does it mean I need a police clearance from Canada too? I thought it is only if you have been for 6 months or more consecutively
  12. thefairy

    conjugal partner sponsorshp please HELP!

    hi everyone, my situation is quite complicated. I was married to an American by the time I met my current boyfriend (and sponsor) .My marriage was in the process of annulment when I visited Canada to be with my boyfriend for the first time (we met onthe internet) I stayed as a visitor for about...