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    Spousal sponsorship Refusal

    I would complete all the wedding ceremonies, consummate the marriage, and reapply. The visa officers are suspicious of marriages where all the typical ceremonies are not done (in countries where a traditional wedding celebration is normal), and also suspicious of unconsummated marriages. Telling...
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    Found out children not mine

    I suggest getting a lawyer - a lawyer who specializes in immigration. The government will occasionally revoke a PR if fraud or misrepresentation is proved. You should at least report her to CIC and the Canada Border Services Agency, so if/when she tries to sponsor a new spouse, she will have...
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    Can a Canadian citizen sponsor a spouse if he doesn't intend to live in Canada.

    You should submit new proof of when the sponsor is planning to move back to Canada, with an explanation as to why the sponsor did not do so in October, as originally planned. Without proof, they will almost certainly reject the application.
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    Declaring family members?

    Definitely declare your half-siblings. Any details you do not know, such as their current addresses, just attach an explanation to the form stating you have not seen X since 1998 and believe he lives in ____, but are not sure of the exact address, or whatever. Your common-law partner is listed...
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    Only 1 picture for common-law application?

    You should not submit several from the same time and place. But if the places are different, then close together in time would be OK. Make sure you have a lot of other proof. They can scrutinize photos quite a lot if they have suspicions anyway.
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    Can someone answer this?

    You can apply for judicial review, but there is no guarantee it will be heard. As well, the judges do not consider new evidence in a judicial review. It sounds like what you lacked was evidence, so a judicial review would not help.
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    Sponsor died

    If she needs social assistance to survive, she should apply for it. If you are able to provide money for her to live, or to have her live with you, then you should do that. If she gets welfare, the government will expect you to pay it back. However, they do not always do anything. They might...
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    Common Law Date

    You are probably OK to use the 11th as the date if you have other proof this is the day. For example, are your rent payments set to come out on the 11th? Can your landlord write an explanation stating the 11th is the correct date? Honestly, the visa officer might not even look at the date that...
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    Sponsor is practically ineligible due to mental health

    You should be able to sponsor. Your mental health problems won't make you ineligible to sponsor, though they may make it very difficult for you to fill out the application. If you are having a lot of trouble just doing the application, then maybe hire an immigration lawyer or consultant to help...
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    Question 14 on IMM5490

    Create an additional page and list everyone you have been married to or in a common-law relationship with.
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    family wont give info

    Do not omit any of the family the forms ask about. The question asks if he has any relatives already in Canada. Say yes, list them, and provide as much detail about them as you can. If there is anything you cannot answer, say so, and explain on a separate sheet of paper. Saying, for example...
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    Undeclared child allowed into Canada

    Buan v Canada (Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness), 2015 CanLII 91132 (CA IRB), <http://canlii.ca/t/gn2m6> Look at this case. A woman was sponsored by her father to come to Canada. She had a child, who was not declared. At the border, she confessed to having a child to the border guard...
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    Applying for children not included on original sponsorship application

    I'll try to find it. I did link it here on the forum at some point.
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    Help! Wanting to live with my girlfriend but don't know what to do.

    Ask the employer if he did get a LMIA for you, or could do so. Depending on the area, there are a lot of foreigners working at low-end jobs with LMIAs, simply because there are no Canadian available. If so, you could live with your girlfriend for a year, then apply common-law. Keep all the...
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    IMM 5406 confusion

    It is because this form is used for other classes of immigrants, ones where both the husband and wife are immigrating. In that case, both fill out the form. For spousal sponsorships, the Canadian citizen or PR sponsor does not fill out this form. In essence, the 'if applicable' applies to you -...
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    I came across an article that I think everyone here will find interesting.

    I agree that there are a lot of problems with how the decisions are made. But this is only normal: it is difficult to judge whether a marriage is genuine. All we can hope is that they try to be fair. We should make a complaint if we feel the visa officer was racist, homophobic, etc. For...
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    Some couples with children have been refused. The visa officer considered the children to be 'children of convenience' just used to make the marriage look genuine. This is not too common, of course. Also, do not ever send in DNA test results unless the visa officer asks for them. For one thing...
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    Applying for children not included on original sponsorship application

    The case is pretty much hopeless. However, I have seen one case where non-declared children were allowed to be sponsored. In that case, the father had been in Canada for many years, was very well established in the community, did a lot of volunteer work, got a lot of support from the community...
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    When to apply spouse sponsorship

    Was your wife included in your application as a non-accompanying dependent? And did you add your baby to your application as a non-accompanying dependent after the child was born? If they were both listed as non-accompanying family members in your application, you can sponsor them now. You do...
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    DNA question .....Please help

    What country are the father and child from? Did CIC or the visa office ask for a DNA test to be done? Does the child have a birth certificate, and is the father listed there? Usually a child of a marriage is considered to be the father's, unless there is some reason to think the opposite.