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    Procedure to obtain Iraq and Dubai Police certificate

    Hello guys same situation, did you all manage to get the PCC or LOE sufficed. Also does any know any lawyer or a consultant who can help.. Thanks
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    PCC from Iraq - expat experience in Basra

    Hello guys, we have similar query but we are located in India and my husband needs a PCC for Iraq. Do someone knows a lawyer or a consultant who can help us.... Thanks
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    Pcc from IRAQ

    Hello guys, is there any lawyer in Iraq for PCC.. Even I have the same issue
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    Ray of Hope - 138th Draw

    Hello guys, we have received ITA and we are located in India. My husband had worked in Iraq for sometime and his PCC query has been raised. Does any one know how to get a PCC from Iraq or know any consultant/lawyer who can help us. Thanks...
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    Hi guys i m also stuck in this situation. My husband was in Iraq for work and now they are asking for his PCC?? Any help I can get
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    Ray of Hope - 137th Draw

    Hello guys, I just received a OINP NOI yesterday night. CRS : 468 and NOC : 1111. My wife has re-taken the IELTS and the results are out. Hoping that the CRS score would raise to 472. Understand that, we have 45 days to submit the OINP application, following questions: 1) Current processing...