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    I submitted the graduation letter and transcript first. Then after a month I submitted my diploma after I got it.
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    Track your PR card timeline and processing times here

    the cards are coming from sydney through regular canada post. so depending on where u are it might take a while.
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    Track your PR card timeline and processing times here

    february 27. thousand island bridge near kingston.
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    Track your PR card timeline and processing times here

    no, they're not on hold. mine got shipped out today.
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    Track your PR card timeline and processing times here

    your thing soon reach my yute... no worry yu self.
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    Landing experience Thousand Island bridge

    went there today and got turned back because IRCC servers are down... so pissed.
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    Our Thousand Islands Lansdowne landing experience

    does any one know if flagpoling can be done on a sunday?
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    >>>>>>>>April 2019 AoR<<<<<< Join here

    guys just got my AOR April 28. 2019 review required June 26, 2019 long silence deep depression... december 01, 2019 visited MP. January 10th, 2020 PPR. VALENTINES DAY
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    Cash deposit as POF... please help

    I came to canada in 2018 as a student. I withdrew 4000 CAD cash and had it in my go bag for 1 1/2 years. Yeah.. I know I'm a bit paranoid. I never deposited this money in my account. I saved 11,000 cad from my job here in Canada and have the pay slips and banking history to prove for the 11k. I...
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    Please Help.

    i have sent additional pof.
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    Please Help.

    my work permit will expire at a date where ill have only 49 weeks.
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    Please Help.

    My current application is review required for POF. My aor is April 28. February is now ending and my file hasn't moved. However, I don't trust these people. So i'm gearing up to re-apply under the CEC class. My question is. I have 3 weeks working for one employer then 49 weeks working for...
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    Bridging work permit application

    call more than once. speak to at least 4 persons. A lot of dumb people work at cic call centre.
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    >>>>>>>>June 2019 AOR<<<<<<<Join here

    Wait... u will get it refunded. Are u sure about that?
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    >>>>>>>>June 2019 AOR<<<<<<<Join here

    Wait...u will get it refunded? Are u sure about that?
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    >>>>>>>>May 2019 AoR<<<<<< Join here

    how did you find this out?
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    Thank you >>>>>>>>> Legalfalcon <<<<<<<<<<<

    @legalfalcon, Just a quick question. My file is in RR for 10 months now (April AOR). My GCMS notes says that im in review for POF. The case officer saw the word "investment" on the letter and put in in RR. I have gone ahead and sent them updated letters that says that my money 15,000K is fully...
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    I am stuck at Eligibility Review Required.. Need Help

    hold up... so your saying they haven't touched your eligibility since dec 2018? i could understand if you were under SS for so long... but eligibility review? Damm.
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    Those who Waiting EXPRESS ENTRY in Six Months and not finalized!!!!

    Right now, I'm just focused on earning back the money I paid to come here for school and stuff. These people are the most unfair set I've ever seen. To hell with them.